GN Solids Control can design and manufacture different size of liquid mud plant according to customer demand. GN can design and build several types of tank, such as vertical tanks, rectangular tank, round tanks, etc. The Liquid mud plant is used to manipulate (mix, dilute, treat, adjust) various drilling fluids to be used in wells supported by this Supply Base. Normally it expanded drilling waste management (DWM) processing, typically in the form of centrifuges used to treat used mud that has been back-loaded to the supply base. OSV (offshore supply vessels) are used to transport any drilling or completion fluids to and from the LMP that cannot be mixed up or treated on location. The LMP is in place for one primary purpose is to Keeping good mud properties in the well-bore.

Tank Types for Liquid Mud Plant

Oil Based Mud Tank

Water-based Mud Tank

Base Oil Tank

Water Tank

Brine tank (Fiber Glass Tank or Coating protection)

Bulk Tank

Mud Mixing Tank

Equipment used for Liquid Mud Plant

Normally, a decanter centrifuge made by GN Solids Control will be used for solids control of the drilling mud. Sometimes, clients will require a shale shaker for coarse solids removal. The mud agitators are mounted on the mud storage or mixing tanks for agitation of the mud to prevent the silting of the solids in the fluids. Sometimes, GN mud guns will be needed for agitation especially for the Conner of the mud tank. The mud mixing and chemical adding are done by Mud mixing hoppers and centrifugal pumps. GN Solids Control manufactures the decanter centrifuge, shale shaker, mud agitator, mud gun, centrifugal pump and mud mixing hoppers for the liquid mud plant.

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GN Solids Control is a globally famous Solids Control Brand. GN Solids America, LLC is the first USA based solids control company from China.GN Solids America maintains a 30,000 SF warehouse in Houston Texas. GN Solids America stocks lots of solids control equipment and shaker screen. With Houston Branch established in 2013. This location has a GN sales team and warehouse service can provide to our customer at North/South American ” High Quality” “Fast Delivery” “Competitive Price”. GN America is also the marketing and distribution center for Latin America Market. The Houston location makes it easier for South America customer to order GN drilling solids control equipment.

What equipment GN Solids America can provide with Oil Sludge Treatment?

  • Shale Shaker for coarse solids separation
  • Decanter Centrifuge for fine solids separation or water and oil separation.
  • Polymer dosing system for better oil sludge demulsification
  • Dewatering System for ultra-fine solids flocculation
  • Oil Water separators for two-phase liquid separation.
  • Thermal desorption unit for minimizing the oil on the solids down to 0.3%.

Oil sludge is a mixture consisting of oil, water, and solids. The treatment of oil sludge would recover much oil and water for reuse. Also, it is an ideal solution for the solid’s disposal. More oil and water recovered, more energy and resource could be saved. GN oil sludge treatment products mainly include decanter centrifuge, oil-water separators, and thermal desorption unit.

GN equipment sold worldwide such as the USA, Russian, United Arab Emirates, Africa, India, middle east. etc. Benefit gets GN Product is 1. global customer service support 2. good quality with affordable price 3. Built tough with strong durable materials usage longer lifetime 4. Great for North and South America customer, GN Solids America LLC has storage inventory in Houston Texas. This will help to reduce the shipping lead time.

In many industry applications, it is often the case that solids materials are mixed with liquid. For instance in water well drilling process there is a lot of slurry. Dumping will contaminate environment and waste a lot of water, and it may damage landscape. Under this circumstance, decanter centrifuge will play a very important role to separate solids from liquid. Without decanter centrifuge, solids/liquid separation will become low efficient, high cost and waste of liquid because of low separation efficiencies in other means of separation.

The mostly commonly used decanter centrifuge horizontal type. They work under the principle of gravitational separation. Let us take an example. If you fill a container with mud and liquid. The weight of the mud will cause it to settle down to the bottom of the container. The aggregation of the solids on the base of the container will force liquid to stay on top of the solids, generating a obvious barrier between solids and liquid. The longer the mud is undisturbed in the container, the clearer the liquid is.

Decanter centrifuge uses the same principle of gravitational force. The difference is that decanter centrifuge formulates a much stronger gravitational force, which is usually 500 to 5000 time the regular gravitational force, which greatly reduce the time for solids to settle down, and the sizes of smallest particles decanter centrifuge can remove.

Rotational separation can be found in many area, from amusement parks to country county ground. Rotating horizontally gives you a force to overcome gravitational force from the earth. Decanter centrifuge works the same way, except that the rotation can be vertical, causing solids to move in radial direction, not in horizontal direction as we see in amusement park. The other thing is that decanter centrifuge rotates in much higher RPM, usually in a few hundreds RPM. Small centrifuges can run at the speed of over 10,000 RPM.

Drilling fluid is critical for the safely operation of drilling activities, the protection of reservoir and the success of oil and gas investment.

Because the importance of drilling fluid, a good amount of research and development work have been conducted to enhance the performance of drilling fluid. Many kinds of additives are added to drilling fluid to turn the property of drilling fluid to meet the needs of certain drilling jobs. Oil based drilling mud is one of the major kind of drilling fluid widely used in the oil and gas industry. Due to the cost of the oil based mud, and the potential thread if oil based mud is dumped, many countries put forward regulations for the recovery of the fluid in oil based mud. It is necessary to recover the fluid in the oil-based drilling fluid to save drilling cost, and to protect environment.

In oil and gas drilling process major portion of the fluid from oil based mud (OBM) is recycled into the drilling fluid system through shale shakers, decanter centrifuges. Yet there is still a big percentage of fluid from OBM being attached to the surface of drilling cuts. Typically, the OOC (oil on cutting) can be up to 15-20%. In other words, about 1/5 of the expensive drilling fluid in OBM is wasted.

In order to solve this challenge, GN Solids Control conducted extensive research and development work and successfully released vertical drilling cut dryer to the market.

A typical application of drilling cut dryer is to position the system in a center location, where transportation vehicles send drilling cut to the location and unload the drilling cut into a collect bin. A conveyor will transport the drilling cut to a hopper, which is mounted on top of the cutting dryer. The cutting comes into the cutting dryer, and the centrifugal force generated by the rotation of rotating basket can be a few hundreds time of G force and thus force the fluid, along with smaller particles, to go through the screen basket and is collected through channel system and flow to a collector, while the solids accumulated on the screen basket is pushed down by tungsten carbide enforced cutting knife and discharged at the bottom of cutting dryer.

Collected fluid has certain concentration of solids under 0.25mm, which needs to be removed by next equipment, decanter centrifuge. GN Solids Control manufactures a series of decanter centrifuge up to 30 inch bowl.

After being processed by decanter centrifuge, the solids in the collected fluids is minimized and is ready to be used for drilling operation again.

A major advantage of vertical cutting dryer is its ability to generate profit, in addition to environment protection, because the fluid is expensive. The base fluid is diesel, which is already costly. The addition of different chemicals, to improve flow dynamic, to increase holding capability of drilling fluid, to protect reservoir formations, to help to dissipate heat generated by the drilling process, and to improve lubrication capability of drill bit, tremendously increased the cost of oil based drilling fluid.

One of GN vertical drilling cut dryer was used by Great Wall Drill. According to the operation manager of the drilling rig, they can save up to USD 3,000 for each cubic meter of fluid recovered. Usually the processing capability of such equipment can process 10 m3/h of drilling cut, and recover 1m3 of drilling fluid. In another word, a vertical drilling cut dryer can recover 8 m3 of drilling fluid an hour, which can save the drilling rig at least $15,000 per each 8 hour shift.

If we put it the other way, the cost of a GN vertical cutting dryer can be recovered in a few months and for the rest of the time, profit generated would be unbelievable.

Offshore Technology Conference has been the top exhibition for oil and gas technologies. It has been held for 50 years. With the 50th anniversary of OTC, petroleum industry welcomes an important event.

With its continued effort, GN Solids Control put forwarded new and updated products including. At the exhibition, GN Solids presented the following products:

  • shale shakers
  • decanter centrifuges
  • vacuum pumps
  • centrifugal pumps

GN Solids Control also bring a series of effectively profitable products to the exhibition, including:

  • oil sludge treatment systems
  • automatic tank cleaning systems
  • vertical cutting dryers
  • shale shaker screens, for GN shale shakers and as replacement screens for shale shakers of other brands.

Years of painstaking effort in research and development has been improving the quality, performance, variety and profitability of equipment & systems by GN Solids Control. Some of the products by GN Solids Control with good profitability are:

Long time oil field development activities left many seriously polluted areas in a good number of countries. Nothing can grow on such land and will eventually lead to ecological disaster. This is especially true in the un-developed countries where legislation is weak, so is law enforcement.

However, with ever growth awareness of environment protection, more and more attention is given to the remediation of such pollutions. Oil sludge treatment system from GN Solids Control provides an effective solution to solve this difficult situation.

Such systems take oil sludge, send it to pre-mixer, then convey it to shale shaker by GN. Discharged solids will be delivered to final disposal process. Recovered fluid will be pumped to another mixer for combine with chemicals so that the fluid can be treated with decanter centrifuge. Separated solids will be sent to final disposal process again, which the recovered fluid will be taken over to a 3 phase disc separator, where it will be separated into oil, water and solids.

This process can complete remediate seriously polluted land and can make it arable, for us, and for future generations.

One important thing is that, GN Solids Control can provide all the equipment required by such system and therefore can provide a cost effective and reliable oil sludge system for customers.

  • Automatic tank cleaning system

There are countless mud tanks and all kind of other tanks being used worldwide. Cleaning such tank is a major challenge to all the owners of such tanks.

These kind of tanks are used to be cleaned manually, which is pretty tedious and impose a serious risk to the cleaning people because usually the inside of the tanks is refined space and has limited accessibility, there might be toxic gas inside the tanks as well, which can endanger the life of people. In addition, the floor of such tanks is usually pretty slippery, dim, making the cleaning work very dangerous and time consuming.

Automatic tank cleaning system by GN Solids Control effectively solves this problem.

In such system, there is a buffer tank which supply chemical solutions to the cleaning head through a water booster. The cleaning head is inside the tank to be cleaned, and rotates at preset scanning pattern, making the chemical spray to cover all the surface of the tank. Flushed down dirt will be sucked up by a hose connected to a suction pump, which transfer the slurry from the tank to a inclined plate clarifier, where solids is separated from chemical solutions and pumped out through a membrane pump to skip, while the clean chemical solution will overflow to buffer tank, to provide washing material to the cleaning head inside mud tank.

This system is efficient, it can clean one tank in one hour including time to deploy the system. if no relocation is necessary, it can clean on tank in half an hour. It requires at most 2 operators and therefore one man-hour to clean a tank.

If such tank is cleaned by people, it takes 24 to 36 man-hour. In other word, it is 24 to 36 time more efficient than manual cleaning.

Let us do a calculation.

Regular wage for field worker is $50. 36 man-hour is $1,800. With GN automatic tank cleaning system, labor cost is $50, plus electricity, may be another $50.

GN Automatic tank cleaning system provide a very cost effective solution to the labor and cost intensive tank cleaning job.

You can find more information including videos for the field application of the above systems at this link.