PNG Gas Drilling Mud Tank

Pupua Newginea has a lot of gas drilling, GN Solids Control is a manufacturer for mud tank which is used in gas drilling for recycling, storage or mixing. We do different kind of mud tank as bellow:

1) Skid mounted mud tank

2) Trailer mounted mud tank

3) Jack up mud tank

Other than mud tank, GN build shale shaker, desander, desilter , decanter centrifuge,etc. Please contact us freely for inquiry

Solids Control Equipment Shown In OTC Exhibition

OTC exhibition held in Houston every year for oil drilling equipment including solids control equipment. A compele solids control will including:

1) Shale Shaker

2) Desander, Desilter or Mud Cleaner

3) Decanter Centrifuge

4) Mud Tank and Tank Attachment

GN Solids Control show equipment on OTC exhibition every year. Please contact us for inquiry freely.

API RP 13 C For Shale Shaker Screen

API RP 13C is a new physical testing and labelling procedure for shaker screens. To be API RP 13C compliant, a screen must be tested and labelled in accordance with the new recommened practice.

GN Build Shaker Screen for bellowing models:

1) Derrick FLC 503/504 , FLC2000 Shaker Screen

2) Brandt Cobra Screen

3) Moongose Screen

Please contact us freely for screen requirement