A Customer from Singapore Came to GN Solids Control to Test GN                           Shale Shaker before Deliver

GN Solids Control  is a leading solids control company specialized in designing an d manufacturing solids control system&equipment and drilling waste management system&equipment. Shale shaker, as the primary and indispensable stage of solids control equipment, how it performs will bring a great impact on the further processing of drilling mud, and even decides whether the complete solids control system will success or not.

Last Sunday, one of our customers from Singapore came to China for a check on the GN shale shaker he has purchased before delivery. Being accompanied with for this business trip is a real benefiting experience. We have arranged him to GN Factory for two objectives. The first one it to make a complete presentation on GN product and project she has designed and build for more than 60 countries all over the world. The second objective is to test GN shale shaker to assure him before delivery. It is glad to say that both of the two objectives has been achieved. Firstly, the customer showed great interest in GN products and proposed many a questions during the presentation. And then we took him to our workshop and tested the shale shaker before him. Definitely, the shale shaker operates excellently during the test, and the customer was extremely satisfied with it. After he came to the hotel, he reported the testing results to his office and the balance was payed.

Actually, GN shale shaker has the following benefits:

1. Shaker deck bottom(screen bed) adopts ss316L, which is more stronger and anti-abrasive, thus the shale shakers will enjoys a long service life.

2. The whole shaker deck enjoys a better stability after heat-treated, thus it can operates for a long consistent time under high G force.

3. The shale shaker adopts patent tighten sealing of shaker and wedged locking system of screen, so it is faster and easier to get screen replaced.

GN Solids Control’s Cutting Dryer System for Drilling Waste

Through a few years evolving, GN has achieved many a the first. GN is the first API certified manufacture of solids control equipment in China; GN is the first manufacture in China who is able to design and manufacture vertical cutting dryer and high G dryer shaker. As an expert in solids control and drilling waste management, GN is striving for more firsts.

Recently, a unit of cutting dryer system for drilling waste is completed in GN. It is specially designed for a Cyprus client. This cutting waste cutting dryer system is composed by the following equipment.

1. One set of vertical cutting dryer with PLC control panel available. The cutting dryer’s speed varies from 0 to 900 rpm.

2. One set of screw pump, which is used to flushing screens inside the vertical cutting dryer to avoid blocking.

3. One set of submersible slurry pump, which pumps the mud to the decanter centrifuge to remove the ultra fine solids out.

4. One set of decanter centrifuge with the typical treating capacity of 132 GPM. The speed of this decanter centrifuge can be adjusted from 0 to 3200 rpm.

5. Removable mud tank for vertical cutting dryer, decanter centrifuge and mud collecting tank.

As to the working process of this cutting dryer system for drilling waste, it mainly includes the below three.

1.Waste cuttings discharged from shale shaker and mud cleaner will directly be transferred to the vertical cutting dryer through screw conveyor.

2.While being processed by the vertical cutting dryer, solids will be discharged from the bottom gate of this cutting dryer and the liquids will flow to the collecting tank.

3.The submersible slurry pump will transfer the mud to decanter centrifuge for further process and particles over 2 microns will be separated out.

GN’s vertical cuttings dryer is suitable for both the OBM and WBM, please click below link http://www.gnsolidscontrol.com/video/vertical-cuttings-dryer-water-based-mud-drilling-waste for video on the vertical cuttings dryer performance.

GN America Stock For Shale Shaker And Mud Cleaner

GN set an branch in Americal last year with a 3000 squire meters ware house to stock shale shaker, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge and pumps. We will have stock for standard equipments in houston normally like bellow:

1) 500GPM capacity shale shaker with 3 or 4 decks. IECEX certified vibrator motor and control panels is availeble, 7.0G force, 2×1.72KW vibrator motor

2) 1000GPM capacity mud cleaner with 2 no. 10 inch desander cone and 12 no. 4 inch desilter cone. Bottom shaker normally 3 or 4 decks panel same with above shale shaker specification

3) Centrifugal pumps for feeding  mud to desander desilter cones, normally 1000GPM mud flow capacity with 30-35m lift IECEX certificated electrical motors

4) Mud agitators from 5.5-22kw powered with impeller and shaft for stock

5) Mixing pump and mixing hopper for mixing new mud purpose, normally 1000GPM mud flow with IECEX certified electircal motors

6) Decanter centrifuge for oil and gas drilling with middle speed or high speed rotation. Max 3200 RPM for bowl speed and 2-7 microns separating size, duplex stainless material for bolw and screw

7) Big bowl centrifuge for oil and gas drillilng, 400-500GPM mud capacity, 2500RPM max speed, deplex stainless material for bowl and screw

8) Screw pump for feeding GN decanter centrifuge for drilling waste management project

9) Stardard spare parts for shale shaker, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge, pumps and pipe connections

GN Solids Control is one of the proffessional solids control equipment and drilling waste management equipment manufacturer, please contact GN freely for inquiry or help.

Drilling Waste Management System For Oil Base Mud Cuttings

Many people get problems after found drilling cuttings from shale shaker is not dryer enough and they need dry them to delivery as per law. What you can do to dry oil base mud drilling cuttings?

GN Designed and build drilling waste management system for oil base mud cuttings and can supply a complete line of it to offer a solution for you.

Main Points Of GN Drilling Waste Management System

  1. Buyyer need supply (Or buy from us) 2 augers to feed vertical cuttings dryer by drilling cuttings out of shaker from solids control system
  2. Vertical cuttings dryer will process cuttings and dryer cuttings with oil no more than 5%
  3. Dry cuttings will be collected by another auger and delivery to cuttings storage
  4. Fluids from vertical cuttings dryer will drop to a small holding tank
  5. A screw pump will collect oil from holding tank to feeding decanter centrifuge for recycling
  6. Solids from decanter centrifuge will be collected by an auger and to a cuttings box
  7. Clean fluids after centrifuge will be guide into solids control mud tank for re-use
  8. Auto control of screw pump will help a lot cause it’s not working continously, this will help save labour and mistake
  9. High speed centrifuge is requried to separate solids 2-5 micron with 3200RPM speed
  10. Holding tank size no need to be very big cause fluids after vertical cuttings dryer not so much

GN Solids build waste base drilling cuttings dryer system also, please contact GN freely

Improvement of GNLW363BG-VFD Decanter Centrifuge

Each year, GN Solids America exported more than 150 sets of decanter centrifuges to all over the world, amongst which, GNLW363 can attain numerous 120 sets. Why?
1. Because of bowl inch? YES!
GNLW363 is 14inch bowl decanter centrifuge, that is probably the most well-known size of bowl diameter globe broadly. Numerous renowned providers who create decanter centrifuges for oil and gas field all have this bowl diameter centrifuge available, like De***-D1000 and Sw*** 518 and and so forth.
2. Because of speed? YES!

GNLW363BG-VFD is higher speed decanter centrifuge with rotating speed variable from 0 to 3900rpm. As well as the advantage for that is clear, distinctive speed caters for distinct function, like low speed for separating bigger particles, middle speed for separating weighted and important barite from drilling mud desander, and higher speed for separating fine solids particles. Even it’s appropriate for dewatering unit.
3. Becaue of updated design? YES!
Discharge port for solids are larger than last generation of GNLW363G-VFD, and liquid discharge ports are a lot more conveniently to be adjusted for different levels. It can be much more user friendly in style.
4. What about VFD handle panel? You bet on it, it’s best in China.
GN Solids America is a single of couple of manufacturer who use optimistic pressurized VFD handle panel for its Drilling Mud System. Comparing with mostly utilised flame proof manage panel utilized by most Chinese suppliers, this control panel is a great deal safer and more effective.
If you would prefer to know far more about us or our solutions, welcome to take a look at our website or directly take a program to Beijing Airport, we’re not far from there.