GN Solids America LLC’s machinery footprint is gaining

GN Solids America LLC is the  major exporter from China and conduct business relationship over 75 plus countries around the world and keep gaining.  We manufacture Mud Solids Control  System & Drilling Waste Management. GN have the full line of machinery for Solids Control Solution of your oil gas drilling, CBM drilling, HDD, and water well drilling as well as the construction drilling mud treatment.

  • GN is the First API certified solids control equipment manufacturer in China.
  • GN Facilities for manufacture Solids Control Machinery and Mud System in area is over 65,000 ㎡(700,000SF) which is located outskirt of
  • GN  Owns a its facility for making composite shaker screens.
  • GN  Owns over 10 patents for solids control and drilling waste management equipment.
  • GN products is certified by DNV CE for Europe and TP TCfor Russia.
  • GN management system for manufacturing comply with the HSE system ISO 14001 and ISO 28001 to ensure you with safest products.

GN Solids America LLC manufacture oil drilling equipment including shale shakers and its wear and tear  parts. Shale shakers is the solids-filter machinery that remove drill cuttings from the drilling mud that is used for digging holes into the earth. Filtering the solids in drilling mud is an important component of the operation cost of drilling, so research and development into shaker functioning is ongoing.

GN Solids America’s shale shaker design – Shale shakers consist of large, flat wire mesh screens for  filtering or sieves of various mesh sizes that shake or vibrate the drill cuttings.  The commonly filter across and off of the shale shaker screens as the drilling fluid (mud) flows through them and back into the drilling fluid system. This separates the solid drill cuttings from the fluid so that it can be re-circulated back down the well bore for keep the drill bit functioning.

GN Solids America LLC’s JQB series shear pump in the whole drilling mud recycle system

Shear pump contain following parts: impeller, vortex shell, transmission shaft, belt pulley, belts, motor and bearing.  The impeller of the shear pump is totally different compare with other pumps due to its function, shearing the objects.  The impeller which contain high cutting efficiency that have 5 structure parts: axial flow turbine, reservoir, wheel for pump, plenum chamber and cutting plates. The whole parts structure in stainless steel that has compact structure for it.

The flow axial turbine is for fluid with displacement and for pump and the tank.

The fluid flow through the pump wheel is discharged into the vortex shell, and the half of fluid is absorbed by reservoir. The fluid flowing through the pump wheel is parallel to the shear plate flow and has a high flow rate.

The fluid mixed with the shear pump wheel in a higher flow rate, and the high speed rotation of the shear plate is serrated, and the fluid that contain solid is sheared. By this way of process, the fluid flowing through the impeller, subjected to multiple shear.

The seal of the Shear pump with a very reliable mechanical and to make sure no leakage.

The pump turbine is mounted on a specific base plate and is move by a belt pulley. A  V belt in narrow design drive an IEC explosion proof certified motor, and a mixing hopper with a size suitable for use with the shear pump is composed of a completed shear and hydration system.

GN Solids America LLC’s JQB series shear pump with specific purpose of whole solids control system that can meet all system operators drilling fluid preparing for well drilling. It can makes the mud to obtain good rheological properties and reduce the cost of drilling as much as possible.

GN Solids America LLC’s Dewatering System overview

Dewatering System GNXT7015 is custom made system base on user’s operation need and design toward the need.  It is the stand alone Dewatering System.  。Dewatering System’s treating capacity can reach to 120m3/h. Discharge volume minimum 100 m3/h.  The System mainly operate by shale shaker system GNXT7015-01, Main Material Collect Hopper GNXT7015-02 and Mining Shaker Tank System GNXT7015-03, GNXT7015-02中The system working site collect treat-need material with Main Material Collect Hopper GNXT7015-02, GNXT7015-03’s mining shaker ZKR-1230 within collected material and added water for dilution, it flow to mining shaker system GNXT7015-03’s mining shaker ZKR-1230, Materials pass through separation of shale shaker, the solids exit the tank and liquid pass through shale shaker screen and flow into the tank. The Submersible Slurry Pump GN100YZ100A-30 that is on Mining shaker tank system GNXT7015-03’s pipe feed the liquid to shale shaker tank system GNXT7015-01’s shale shaker GNZS5594E-LDF, The Solids filter though shale shaker and exit outside of the tank, the liquid filter through shale shaker screen enter the sinking sand compartment, then shale shaker tank system GNXT7015-01’s Submersible Slurry Pump GN100YZ100A-30 feed into GNZJ594E-D8N Disilter, Liquid after treatment flow to Shale Shaker Tank System GNXT7015-01’s mud removal tank, the liquid pass through pump and exit the system.  The solids exit from disilter and pass through disilter shaker and solids exit the This system also equip with biding system that allow operator depends on site operation situation for chemical-add purpose.  GN Solids America LLC as manufacture of these machineries offer transparent pricing policy and offer full after service capacity as just like other US manufactures.   For other solids control machinery,  GN Solids America LLC offer various  model of shale shaker with multiple layers of screens panel. This combo unit is functioning as both primary shale shaker and desander unit in one. 

GN Solids America’s poor boy degasser usage guide


Poor boy degasser’s design purpose is for treating big volume of dissolved gas in the drilling mud. Such gas under the pressure will be expand if not take care it properly.  The poor boy degasser in traditional throttle pipe and between the vibrating screen and it has a direct discharge of gas pipeline. The installation of poor boy degasser is  typically installed in the rear of the throttle manifold.

The poor boy degasser needs meet the following operation needs:

  • Through field operation feedback, the capacity of gas process on poor boy degasser need to be five time as much as the design cycle.
  • The inner diameter of the pipeline need to be same or larger than the coke manifold in the inlet pipeline of the poor boy degasser.
  • The drilling fluid is directly discharged into the inlet manifold of the vibrating screen or the reserve tank of the drilling fluid.
  • The diameter of the exhaust should be 8 inches or greater.
  • The valve should not be installed on the gas discharge line.

Poor boy degasser parameters:

  • The gas from the separator must be firmly fixed.
  • During the cold weather the poor boy degasser installed on the bottom of the cleaning valve, in order to prevent liquid from blocking the liquid gas separator, the valve should be opened.
  • It need to be clean and maintain the poor boy degasser according to the specification or service provided by the manufacture

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mud cleaner operation

The choice making of use mud cleaner that contain desanders, desilters and shale shaker is concern of operation cost and the space allowed for the machinery.  It serves the purpose to remove the needed-remove solids in the drilling mud to keep the mud in high performance as needed. It is placed after shale shaker and vacuum degasser filtering the mud after initial filtering large solids and removes the gas that contain in the mud.

Turn the motor on and start pay attention on the rotation direction of the motor.  The motor need to be rotated in opposite directions and need to be marked on the motor direction after the confirmation of the check.  The operator at this stage need to pay attention on the sound that is from the machinery and if unusual sounds appear it needs turn off the machine and check the motors and tightness of the screens.

Operator need to perform routine check of motor bearing, the seals and lubrication of every moving part and fill the oils if necessary.  Such routine check need to perform after intense use of machinery to prevent structural damage that will most likely put the cleaning mud operation in stop.

To keep costs of operation in consist, shaker screen need to be flushed to clean the surface.  In some case of high viscosity of cleaning drilling mud, it also need to check the damage of the mesh as well after the flushing it with water.

Operator need to stop the feeding of the sand pump and let the shale shaker idle for period of times, rinse with water and timely clean the surface of the screen then stop the shale shaker motor.

Like the shaker screen, hydrocyclone is another replacement parts that need the cleaning like the screen after each shift of use.  This check to see if large objects are causing jamming that leads to shorted the use life of hydrocyclone.