Decanter Centrifuge Comminioning in Jobsite

Today very upset to know will go to Ve to comminioning GN decanter centrifuge because I can’t get back on China New Year!

Decanter centrifuge is a core equipment amont all solids control equipment and we always like to help clients for commissioning and training.

Hope will do a good job on jobsite and comeback in time for China New Year! Pleae contact me for inquiry freely

GNZS752 Mini Shale Shaker for Diamond Drilling

Diamond drilling equipment will require very compact dimention and normally low mud flow. GNZS752 mini shale shaker is designed and manufactured for diamond drilling. Main Spec fo rGNZS752 shale shaker:

1) 2 shaker creen with 1.4 M2 area

2) Linear motion vibrating

Please contact us for inquiry freely