GN Decanter Centrifuge for Overseas Kava Powder Suspension Separation

GN as a  leading manufacturer of solid-liquid separation equipment, GN has been dedicated to providing top-notch separation solutions to our global customers. Our GNLW224FT-VFD decanter centrifuge has recently helped a foreign customer efficiently separate solids from a kaolin powder suspension, showcasing the outstanding performance and wide application of our equipment in the market.

The LW Series decanter is designed with a unique horizontal configuration, which allows for a more efficient and reliable solid-liquid separation process. The machine features a high-speed rotation that creates a powerful centrifugal force, efficiently separating solids from liquids even in challenging applications like kaolin powder suspension. Additionally, its advanced design minimizes the risk of clogging, ensuring continuous and stable operation.

This successful case demonstrates the LW Series decanter cerfrigue’s  unparalleled performance in the global market. With its efficient separation capabilities, the machine has gained popularity among customers in various industries, including mining, chemical, food, and pharmaceuticals. GN is committed to continuing our research and development efforts to provide even better separation solutions to our customers worldwide.

We believe that our equipment’s performance speaks for itself. The LW Series decanter centrifuge’s success in the kaolin powder suspension separation project is just one example of how our machines can help customers achieve efficient and cost-effective solid-liquid separation. We look forward to collaborating with more customers and exploring new applications for our innovative separation solutions.

GN High Speed Tubular Centrifuge for India Bench-Top Ultracentrifuge Project

India Bench-Top company and Ultracentrifuge project introduction.

1.1Bench-Top company as a team of 110 + professionals & three decade young company. Our presence in all over India and also we have 100% subsidiary company in Singapore- S&S Electronic Components Pte Ltd. We have two business verticals- 1. Design & Develop of Power Supply and 2. Distribution, we are a distributor of Hi-Rel components/items for various countries since 2001. The prime customers for this vertical are R&D Institutes, Space, Defense etc.

1.2 We are serving our Customers more than two decades for various solutions like- Thermal, Mechanical (motion control), Active & Passive components, Optics and RF & Microwave etc with support of various European, USAs, and Japanese principals. We do possess US Export License and are TRACE certified for ethical business practices. We are also well versed and acquainted with ITAR procedures and regulations.We are looking for solution for Bench-Top Ultracentrifuge project with full required details and specs. Please advise if you are interested by this opportunity in working through us.

2. Advantages and the benefits of GN GN High Speed Tubular Centrifuge

2.1 GN High Speed Tubular Centrifuge is a kind of fine separation equipment, which is especially suitable for the solid-liquid separation of suspensions with thin concentration, fine particles and small solid-liquid weight difference, or liquid-liquid-solid separation. It is necessary equipment for Industries of pharmaceutical, food, chemical, and biological products, fermentation broth, beverages, blood products, etc.

2.2 Its working principle is based on the centrifugal force to make the materials of different specific gravity receive different forces, so as to achieve the purpose of separation.

According to the function, high speed tubular centrifuge has two types: clarification type and separation type. The clarification type Tubular Centrifuge is mainly used for separation of liquid and solid, and the separation type Tubular Centrifuge is mainly used for separation of liquid (light phase), liquid (heavy phase), and small amount of solid. Clarification Type Tubular Centrifuge and Separation Type Tubular Centrifuge High Speed Tubular Centrifuges is artificial slag removal equipment, and the processing capacity is limited, so it is generally used for working conditions with low solid content and relatively small processing capacity.