From small bowl to large bowl, GN Solids America LLC have decanter centrifuge in all sizes

GN Solids America LLC is the USA subsidiary company of GN Solids Control LTD, which is located in near Beijing, China.  Since 2007, GN Solids Control has been a major manufacture and exporter on drill cutting solids control machinery.  Through years of good feedbacks and prompt service request responses, GN Solids America has been export over sixty countries around the world.  We manufacture the full time of solids control machinery like shale shaker, desander, desilter,  mud cleaner, vacuum degasser, mud gas separator, decanter centrifuge, agitator, centrifugal pump, cutting dryer, screw pump, shear pump, mud gun and custom mud recycling system that contain machinery on the list. 

The decanter centrifuge that GN Solids America LLC manufacture is one of the core machinery and we off various size of bowl of it.  The model GNLW363 centrifuge with 14 inch bowl which is selling the most but GN Solids America LLC also make larger bowl size, GNLW453 and GNLW553, whose bowl size are 18 inch and 22 inch. These two equipment can both be applied in the processing the water based drilling mud, in the oil based drilling mud, in dewatering and in recovering barite.

The decanter centrifuge we manufacture offer both fixed speed and VFD controlled option.   It offer the operators a variety of rotate speed for the various field operations. The duplex stainless bowl are made from centrifugal casting wit consist balance and corrosion resistance. All the screw conveyors’ surface is protected by tungsten carbide tiles which can protect the entire length of the screw conveyor. The decanter centrifuge can operate in extreme weather condition  as cold as north pole to the hot as middle east dessert. The VFD control system parts is provided by SIEMENS or ABB. All the bears applied in the centrifuge are from SFK premium bearing which can guarantee longer operation life and reliable operation. The control panel, main motor and gearbox motor are explosion proof of zone 1 and zone 2.  The decanter centrifuge can tailor made to comply local region of drilling operation. 

We GN Solids America LLC keeps consist in-stock machinery and replacement parts at all time and offer very aggressive price which surely keep your operation budget in consist base. 

What Kind of Applications GN Decanter Centrifuge Can Do Now

GN is now marching into the industry decanter centrifuges, which means more and more problems can be solved. Not only oil gas, environmental etc….

Three Phase Decanter Centrifuge

Separation of oil sludge containing oil from refineries, oil ponds, etc.

Extracting animal/vegetable fats and oils

Starch manufacture for separating wheat starch and gluten.

Oil Water and Solids separation.

Coal tar treatment

Biofuel production

Lubricating oil additives

Meat/poultry/fish (edible & inedible fats; yellow, white and brown grease)

Edible oils (olive, palm, granola)

Big Bowl Decanter Centrifuge

Tunnel Boring Project Mud Cleaning

Dredging Slurry Separation

Industry Waste Water Treatment.

Municipal Sewage Sludge in Purification Plants

Industry Waste Water Treatment.

Drilling Fluids Solids Control

Oil Recovery from Marine Slop

Oil Sludge Treatment

Municipal Sewage Sludge in Purification Plants

Mining Industry Separation

Mini Centrifuge

Industry Waste Water Treatment.

Diamond Core Drilling Fluids Treatment.


Oil sludge is the by-product when producing oil, mixed with water, oil, and solid sediment, which is the dangerous waste but has high recycling value. With the increasingly tense supply of oil resources, many countries are doing researches in oil sludge recycling technology. The pyrolysis technology is drawing wide attention of researchers all over the world with its advantages of disposal thoroughly and high energy recycling. The proper oil sludge treatment is essential since these waste materials are hazardous to human and environment.
In oilfield operations oily sludges are produced as sediments in tanks and apparatus, as well as from oil spills (e.g. in the course of maintenance / repair work, or due to pipeline leaks). Those sludges, in their original form, can have extremely high solids contents at moderate to high oil contents. However, at the time when the sludges from different sources are combined and prepared for treatment, the oil / water / solids ratios are such, that treatment with normal oil sludge processing equipment is easily possible. Very often oilfield sludges are collected in lagoons and withdrawn from there for processing, rather than being processed directly downstream of the source / collection point.
The differing origins and compositions of waste oil mean that its water, oil and solids content can vary considerably. A water content in the order of 40-80% by volume, approximately 10-50% by volume oil phase with rather high viscosity, and a high solids content (in the order of 10-40% by volume) with potentially very large particle sizes, as well as potential content of significant amounts of other debris often characterize this product.
Compared to many other waste oil applications, the product properties oil field sludges require special attention be given to the mechanical pre-treatment of the sludges prior to processing. And because the recovered oil is usually not refined on-site, but rather added to the crude oil stream before it is sent to refining, the oil quality is normally sufficient using 3-phase decanter technology, which means these systems can typically be designed with one single 3-phase separation step.