What Is The Drilling Mud System Application?

Drilling mud system is well used in drilling industry, but what a drilling mud system do and what’s the applications?

Drilling mud system is working for solids separation from driling mud and control mud density and viscosity for re-use, so it’s named drilling mud recycling system. But why a mud system should do this job?

  1. Suitable drilling mud will help keep well pressure
  2. Drilling mud will connect with oil&gas directly, suitable mud will help protect oil and gas
  3. There normally contains oil and other chenimcals in drilling mud, so mud system will help to recycling and re-use to decrease polution
  4. Drilling mud will help bring drilling cuttings out
  5. Drilling mud help cool down drill bit
  6. According to drilling mud change, people can help know info under ground in well

A Drilling Mud System Contains:

  1. Drilling mud recycling machine like shale shaker, desander, desilter and decanter centrifuge.
  2. Mud tanks for mud storage and transfer
  3. Mixer for mixing new drilling mud for re-use
  4. Mud agitator to avoid mud settling down

1000HP rig mud method for offshore drilling

GN Solids Manage is world top manufacturer for drilling rig mud program for onshore and offshore drilling. GN exported quite a few complete 1000HP rig mud method for offshore drilling for a well-known offshore drilling company.

So that you can cater for distinct buyer calls for, GN offer diverse common proposal program for selection

Higher regular for 1000hp drilling rig mud method for onshore / offshore:

Full with 4 stage solids manage equipment and also the 5 stage separation:

1) Shale shaker 2 sets.

2) Mud cleaner with significant shale shaker, 1 set.

3) Vacuum degasser 1 set

4) Middle speed centrifuge & feed pump,1 set.

5) drilling waste management,1 set.

6) Jet mud mixer two sets

7) Necessary pumps, agitators and mud guns

Economic normal for 1000hp drilling rig mud program:

Comprehensive with 4 stage solids manage equipment as well as the 4 stage separation:

1) Shale shaker two sets

two) 1 set Desander 1 set, Desilter 1 set (without under flow shale shaker)

three) Vacuum degasser 1 set

four) Jet mud mixer 2 sets

five) Necessary pumps, agitators and mud guns

6) Tanks, attachments and electrical control panel for list equipment (for solution)

GN Solids Control also equip drilling waste management method together with drilling rig mud technique for onshore / offshore, for zero discharge. here we  test it of GN drilling waste management in Europe,it’s good,Welcome you contact GN group for inquire,the test Result: http://www.mudcentrifuge.com/post/85199528086/gn-drilling-waste-management-along-with-solids, pls visit here.

GN Solids Manage Approach to Poland Oil Field

being packed and loaded in GN Solids Control System Factory, One set oil drilling mud system was finished production in GN Solids Handle factory positioned in China. This mud strategy is developed for 1000HP oil drilling rig. It will be utilised inside a Poland oil field.

This mud systems completely has 3 sets mud tanks for mud holding and storage. The very first mud tank is utilised as treating and cleaning tank. You’ll find actually two 500 GPM shale shakers, 1 set mud cleaner. The mud cleaner has 2x ten? desander cones and 12×4 desilter cones. two centrifugal pumps are made use of to feed the mud cleaner. A single for desander and one particular distinct for desilter. The second tank is applied as mixing tanks you may learn 2 sets jet mud mixer with centrifugal pumps. The jet mud mixer is applied for mixing new mud for the drilling rig. The third tank is mud storage tank. On all tanks it is possible to find mud agitators for mud mixing. This complete strategy is paint by client? personal logo. As well as the colour is also customized. We’re really versatile in carrying out tiny enterprise we accept customers own colour and logo on all our equipments.

GN Solids Manage has enough encounter in producing solids handle mud systems. That’s our key and core enterprise. Our mud systems have been operating around the globe when our organization established. We also have mud systems for HDD, CBM drilling and compact design and style strategy for bored piling, Gn-Solids-America shaker screens are rather popular as well. Their screens conform to API 13C. They also provide shaker screen for many other famous brand.

GNSolidsamerica provide best Solids Control & Mud cleaner, even offer shaker screen,you can contact them to get more help.

How To Design A Liquid Mud Plant ?

Many people is asking how to design a liquid mud plant, the design of liquid mud plant is very important cause it will be hard to modify once equipment was built. It will cost a lot on time and money even if you only gives a very small change.

Before desgn liquid mud plant, you have to know:

  • Size of yard you will be using for mud plant layout and working
  • Mud flow of your liqiud mud plant
  • Mud tank capacity
  • How fine you want to recycle dirty mud
  • How much capacity you want for dirty mud storage
  • Power limit for your liquid mud plant
  • Mechanical and electrical standard locally to keep sure equipments meet national standard and allowed working
  • Working people qty and job area
  • Office, dinner room, and other rooms set up on site
  • Generator system and power supply
  • Water tank capacity and supply

Please contact GN Solids for more technical support or equipments support freely

Surat Basin Energy And Mining Expo In Australia

Surat Basin Energy And Mining Expo will be held in Toowoomba showgrounds on 18th &19th Jun. It makes good sense to exhibit:

  1. Network with like minded businesses
  2. Develop new business relationships face to face
  3. Build market awareness
  4. Generate additional sales and leads
  5. Accelerate the sales process
  6. Good to show solids conotrol equipment there
  7. Company listing in the Surat Basin Guide Publication
  8. Company listing in the Exhibitor Online Directory

GN Show 150GPM Mud System There

  1. 150GPM mud flow capacity mud system
  2. 6000 liters mud tank capacity
  3. Mixing application is availeble
  4. Double deck shale shaker for better performance
  5. Mud gun for agitating
  6. Centrifugal pump for mud transfer

Please contact GN Solids freely for inquiry or further information to come and visit our stand.