2 Sets 1000GPM Drilling Mud Solids Control System to Shanghai Customer

Happy New Year 2022! Everyone!

Congratulations! 2 sets of 1000GPM Drilling Mud Solids Control System from GN Solids Control are on the way to our Shanghai Customer.

As you can see from the picture that those Shale shakers, Mud Cleaners, Centrifugal Pumps, explosion-proof lamps, Mud Tank, they are all brand-new! Indeed, it is customized! You only need to fill a form, which is a questionnaire about the detail of material or waste you deal with and other relevant questions. Then, we will design a unique solids control system for you according to your requirements and situation. Notably, our system is comprehensive enough to give you a one-stop turn-key solution. So, what you need to do is just wait!

Here, what you cannot see are GN Jet Mud Mixers, Agitators, Mud Guns and GN Submersible Slurry Pump. For different situation, we will prepare different equipment for you.

As the leading manufacturer of solids control & Waste Management equipment, GN Solids Control has been working with many big brands: like Baroid, Baker Hughes, EMEC(Egyptian Mud Engineering and Chemicals Company), Akros(No.1 Drilling Fluids Company in Russia), SL Group(Top Argentina Solids Control Service Company), COSL(China Oilfield Services Limited), Greatwall Drilling Company, Gazprom from Russia, Eriell from Russia, Burgan Co. for well drilling from Kuwait, EDC(Egyptian Drilling Company), JOHN ENERGY from India and Drilling Technologies from Italy.

Our Mud Recycling system is widely used in many different fields: Trenchless HDD(Horizontal directional drilling) Project, Bored Pile Project, TBM(Tunnel Boring Machine) project, Diamond Drilling, Water Well Drilling, CBM(Coal Bed Methane) Drilling, Geothermal Well Drilling and so on. Besides, there are skid mounted, trailer mounted and hydraulic jackup mud tank for you to choose. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us: Hebei Guanneng Solids Control Co.,Ltd. Probably, we will tell you more interesting things.

Happy holidays to you and your loved ones! Wishing you a Happy New Year!

the solids control system

From the beginning of 2015 to the present, the price of crude oil is like a roller coaster, falling sharply and then rising again and then falling. It is testing everyone’s heart durability. Recently, oil prices seem to be a bit more stable than before. West Texas Intermediate oil prices fluctuate between $45 and $50. Well, this seems to be better than the price dropped below $30 earlier this year. But it is still far below the price that oil companies can make. Everyone is struggling, no one is willing to give up, if we can’t make money, we need to do our best to find out how to save money. As a leader in the solids control business, GN Solids Control can help you save money and survive difficult times.

As an important part of the drilling system, the solid control system plays a vital role in the whole process. If properly managed, the solids control system can save you a lot of mud costs, consumables and equipment purchase costs. GN’s equipment comes from Shale shaker, desanders, desilters, mud cleaners, decanter centrifuges, mixers, centrifugal pumps, mud guns and various tanks, all of which are cost effective and value for money. There are several advantages to GN that can reduce equipment prices. GN has now implemented consumables such as large-scale manufacturing equipment and screens. This helps reduce procurement costs, reduce labor costs and increase efficiency. If the quantity is large, this will also reduce transportation costs. All GN equipment is armored and easy to transport, which will save a lot of money. The recent exchange rate of the US dollar against the Chinese yuan has increased, which will make equipment prices more competitive. GN’s new facility No. 2 has been put into operation, mainly for the manufacture of vibrating screens, which will improve GN’s manufacturing capabilities, good quality control and delivery time control. It will ultimately reduce costs and bring more benefits to customers. We will do our best to help your business succeed. Welcome to www.gnsolidsamerica.com and send your questions to USA@gnsolidscontrol.com

Oil Sludge treatment system

Since GN’s establishment from 2007, its solid control equipment and mud recycling system have been sold to more than 60 countries. GN’s mud recycling system can be applied in many areas, such as oil and gas drilling, diamond drilling, HDD, tunnel boring, piling, dredging, etc.  Please allow me to introduce to you our Oil sludge treatment system.

GN’s long view for the future market has lead us into a new ago of products development. After many years of research and development, in the year of 2016 we brought our Oil Sludge treatment system to the world. It contains our vacuum pump, mixing tanks with 3 stages separation equipment, and oil and water recovery tanks. It can be used for waste oil sludge/sand in raw oil tank bottom, from refinery plant, and from a drilling rig. In currently market there are few company can offer the entire system to client with customization services, and their unit cost a fortune to purchase. It is very important that to recycle oil as much as possible with a low cost.  We have made good business cooperation with world renowned service company like Baker Hughes. Together we service the largest oil company in Kuwait—KOC Kuwait Oil Company.  But we didn’t stop there, with different client’s different job requirements, GN offers different models of oil sludges treating system as well as Thermal Desorption Unit.  After treatment, client company will be able to recover oil and water for re-sale and re-use porpoises. Creating extra value for used to be wastes—oil sludge.

In this very competitive market, we offer many different systems to satisfy different industries, different clients. We will keep researching new frontier, new equipment to keep GN’s leading position. That is the basic introduction about the mud recycling system, If you have some further interest, welcome to visit www.gnsolidsamerica.com and please send your inquiries to USA@gnsolidscontrol.com .

GN Solids America LLC’s Dewatering System overview

Dewatering System GNXT7015 is custom made system base on user’s operation need and design toward the need.  It is the stand alone Dewatering System.  。Dewatering System’s treating capacity can reach to 120m3/h. Discharge volume minimum 100 m3/h.  The System mainly operate by shale shaker system GNXT7015-01, Main Material Collect Hopper GNXT7015-02 and Mining Shaker Tank System GNXT7015-03, GNXT7015-02中The system working site collect treat-need material with Main Material Collect Hopper GNXT7015-02, GNXT7015-03’s mining shaker ZKR-1230 within collected material and added water for dilution, it flow to mining shaker system GNXT7015-03’s mining shaker ZKR-1230, Materials pass through separation of shale shaker, the solids exit the tank and liquid pass through shale shaker screen and flow into the tank. The Submersible Slurry Pump GN100YZ100A-30 that is on Mining shaker tank system GNXT7015-03’s pipe feed the liquid to shale shaker tank system GNXT7015-01’s shale shaker GNZS5594E-LDF, The Solids filter though shale shaker and exit outside of the tank, the liquid filter through shale shaker screen enter the sinking sand compartment, then shale shaker tank system GNXT7015-01’s Submersible Slurry Pump GN100YZ100A-30 feed into GNZJ594E-D8N Disilter, Liquid after treatment flow to Shale Shaker Tank System GNXT7015-01’s mud removal tank, the liquid pass through pump and exit the system.  The solids exit from disilter and pass through disilter shaker and solids exit the This system also equip with biding system that allow operator depends on site operation situation for chemical-add purpose.  GN Solids America LLC as manufacture of these machineries offer transparent pricing policy and offer full after service capacity as just like other US manufactures.   For other solids control machinery,  GN Solids America LLC offer various  model of shale shaker with multiple layers of screens panel. This combo unit is functioning as both primary shale shaker and desander unit in one. 

A Customized Environment Waste Management Solution

Various Waste
Now China is like old UK, we got many problems with coal usage, we knew it, trust me, we knew it, and still, we are on the old track, having the same problem, maybe not a tragedy yet, but close.
For environment problems, we need to handle much more than coal, different pollution comes to us before we realized it was our price for developing.
And we never realized that when we did it, at least we never thought it was a problem.
2016-12-08-oil-sludge-treatment-system 2016-12-08-oil-slurry-separation
Lucky now we know, now we wake up, in the smoke, we are trying to repair, find solution for the damaged planet. The biggest job we can handle is not so related to air pollution, or water pollution, it is part of them, and fortunatly we are part of it.
This time a client comes to us, need to separate the waste, even for this project, waste from different place. With differnt size particles.
Solutions From GN
When we analyse the site waste, from pictures, samples, we decided to use a system, which contains a shale shaker, and a decanter centrifuge. Shale shaker for dispose most of the big ones, then centrifuges with foluccent maybe, maybe not, to separate the small ones, to reuse water at the same time.
About This System
For thic specific project, we are using GNZS594E shale shaker, with G force upto 7, and armed with composite material screens to increase the equipment life time. For the centrifuge, we are using most popular model GNLW363CG-VFD, SS2205, tungstun carbide tiles screw etc.
This same logic is widely open sourced, can be extend to different similar ideas, different shaker, different centriruge, also work.