2″ Desilter Cone & centrifuge for Core Drilling

Core drilling normally fine solids with smal mud flow, GN is improveing to use 2" desilter cone for 10 microns separation.

Depending on mud conditions, clients may need decanter centrifuge. A high speed decanter centrifuge separate solids 2-7 microns which is a good equipment to separate fine soldis. Please contact us freely for inquiry.

Water Well Drilling Mud System

Water well drilling is vertical drilling some times drilling with air and some times drilling with mud. When it is mud drilling, a water well drilling mud systemwill be required.

GN Solids Control is a water well drilling mud system manufacturer in China with sales to more than 60 countries till now. Please contact us for inquiry if need any mud system or equipment for water well drilling.

What Drilling Waste Management Equipment Do?

GN build drilling waste management equipment (DWM) but many people is asking what they do.  Compared with solids control system, DWM equipment is maily treat solids out of shale shaker for drying and recycling fluid. A vertical cutting dryer will be the first phase to dry solids and decanter centrifuge for second phase to recyling fluis.

500GPM mud unit from CIPPE exhibiton

Hi, we are very happy to inform that GN back from CIPPE exhibition with 500GPM mud unit shown successfuly. This is a 2 phase cleaning mud unit but trailer mounted for fast moving.

One Shale shaker and one desilter is installed on 40ft mud tank for recycling with mixer. Please contact us freely for inquiry.

No Dig mud cleaning unit in Australia

No Dig call horizontal direction drilling too, when no dig drills, it will need mud cleaning unit to recycling mud. GN Solids Control is manufacturer and has stock in Australia for mud cleaning unit and spare parts

Shale shaker, desilter, mud tank, centrifugual pumps are the main equipment for a complete unit. Pls contact us if you need any of them