Exploring GN Separation’s Dewatering System: Versatile Applications Across Different Industries

In the world of wastewater treatment, the challenge of effectively separating fine particles is a common one. GN Separation’s advanced Dewatering System offers a comprehensive solution to this problem, combining a Chemical Dosing Unit and a High-Speed Decanter Centrifuge to achieve superior results. In this blog, we will explore how this cutting-edge technology is applied across various industries, highlighting its effectiveness and versatility.

What is the GN Dewatering System?

The GN Dewatering System consists of two main components:

1. Chemical Dosing Unit: This unit prepares and doses chemicals necessary for the flocculation process, ensuring the effective aggregation of fine particles.2.Dewatering Centrifuge: The centrifuge separates the flocculated particles from the water, concentrating the solid waste while producing clean water.

Chemical Dosing Unit Features:

  • Compact and Corrosion-Resistant: Made from stainless steel and engineering plastics for durability.
  • Automated Control: PLC-controlled for precise chemical dosing and process monitoring.
  • Versatile: Suitable for powders, granular materials, and liquid chemicals.
  • Efficient Operation: Low energy consumption and easy maintenance.

Dewatering Centrifuge Features:

  • High-Speed Performance: Capable of separating ultrafine particles, achieving high separation efficiency.
  • Stable Operation: Designed for reliable, continuous operation in demanding environments.

Industry Applications of the GN Dewatering System

1. Municipal Wastewater Treatment

Municipal wastewater treatment plants are often tasked with managing large volumes of water that contain a wide range of contaminants, including fine particulates.

  • Application: The GN Dewatering System is used to handle municipal sewage sludge. The Chemical Dosing Unit adds flocculants to aggregate fine solids, which are then efficiently separated by the Decanter Centrifuge.
  • Benefits: This system improves sludge dewatering efficiency, reduces disposal costs, and helps meet regulatory requirements for treated water quality.

Example: A city’s wastewater treatment facility employs the GN Dewatering System to manage the fine particles in sludge, improving the quality of treated water and enhancing the overall efficiency of the treatment process.

2. Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Industrial processes in sectors like manufacturing, mining, and oil & gas produce wastewater with high concentrations of fine particles and contaminants.

  • Application: In industries such as mining and oil extraction, the GN Dewatering System is used to process tailings and other wastewater by-products. The system’s ability to handle fine particles makes it ideal for dealing with the by-products of industrial processes.
  • Benefits: Effective management of industrial wastewater, reducing environmental impact and facilitating the recycling of water.

Example: A mining company uses the GN Dewatering System to manage and treat wastewater from mineral processing, ensuring that the water released into the environment meets environmental standards.

3. Food and Beverage Industry

The food and beverage industry generates wastewater that often contains fine solids from production processes.

  • Application: The GN Dewatering System is employed in the food and beverage industry for the treatment of process water and wastewater, including the separation of fine particles from fruit and vegetable processing waste.
  • Benefits: Helps in maintaining clean production environments and managing waste products more effectively.

Example: A fruit juice manufacturing plant uses the GN Dewatering System to separate fine particles from the wastewater generated during juice extraction and cleaning processes.

4. Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries

The chemical and pharmaceutical industries require high-precision wastewater treatment processes due to the presence of fine particles and hazardous substances.

  • Application: In these industries, the GN Dewatering System processes wastewater from chemical reactions and pharmaceutical production. The Chemical Dosing Unit adjusts the chemical composition to target specific contaminants, while the Decanter Centrifuge separates the treated particles from the liquid.
  • Benefits: Ensures compliance with stringent regulations and improves the safety of wastewater disposal.

Example: A pharmaceutical company uses the GN Dewatering System to manage wastewater from drug manufacturing processes, achieving high levels of purification and meeting environmental discharge standards.

5. Oil & Gas Industry

Oil & gas operations generate wastewater that contains fine particles from drilling and production activities.

  • Application: The GN Dewatering System is used for the treatment of produced water and drilling muds, separating fine solids and recovering water for reuse.
  • Benefits: Enhances the efficiency of water treatment processes and supports sustainable resource management.

Example: An oil field uses the GN Dewatering System to treat produced water, enabling the recycling of water and reducing the environmental impact of oil extraction activities.

6. Paper and Pulp Industry

The paper and pulp industry produces wastewater with high concentrations of fine fibers and chemicals.

  • Application: The GN Dewatering System is applied to the treatment of wastewater from paper mills, where it separates fine fibers and contaminants from the process water.
  • Benefits: Improves water reuse and helps manage the environmental impact of paper production.

Example: A paper mill uses the GN Dewatering System to treat wastewater from the pulp washing process, reducing the amount of waste sent to disposal and improving water recovery.


The GN Dewatering System, with its Chemical Dosing Unit and High-Speed Decanter Centrifuge, offers a robust solution for separating fine particles in wastewater across a variety of industries. Its advanced features, including high efficiency, automation, and corrosion resistance, make it a valuable tool for both municipal and industrial applications.

From municipal wastewater treatment to specialized industrial processes, the GN Dewatering System proves its versatility and effectiveness. By addressing the challenge of fine particle separation, GN Separation supports industries in achieving environmental compliance, improving operational efficiency, and advancing sustainable practices.

For more information on how the GN Dewatering System can benefit your industry, contact us or visit our website.