Lug Type Valve For Mud Tank Pipelines

Lug type valve is a different type compared with water type valve. we can do lug type valve for drilling mud tank from 3 inch to 10 inch on pipeline arrangement. It’s main benifits:

1) Convenient when disassemble when one of the side with fluids inside

2) Flexible and effective work

GN install lug type valve on pump connections and out side of pipeline to make clients convenient when working on mud tank.

Double Deck Shale Shaker

Double deck shale shaker is designed to max shaker performance with small footprint. GNZS752D double deck shale shaker can working as:

1) Both deck for first cleaning when top mesh lower then bottom mesh. This kind of work is to max shaker performance

2) Top deck mesh higher than bottom deck mesh when use top deck to dry solids from cyclones and bottom mesh to cleaning mud from drilling rig

Please contact GN Solids freely for double deck shaker.