Mud Gun For Oilfeild Mud Tank

Mud guns are meant to provide supplementalor primary mxing in mud tanks depending on number being used and the pit size. They are best used in tank corners to keep solids from settling and a mud agitator is placed in tank center.

Mud Gun

Main Spec of Mud Gun:

1) Diameter. Normally there are 2 size, 50mm and 80mm diameter

2) Nozzle number. Normally 3

3) Rotation or not.

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Double Deck Shale Shaker for No Dig Drilling

Double Deck shale shaker for no dig drilling always used to fix desander or desilter cones onto double deck shaker for compact design.

Main Spec of GN double deck shaler shaker:

1) Treating capacity: 150-200GPM

2) Screen deck: 2 screen deck for bottom , 1 screen deck for top

3) G force: 7.0G

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Diamond Drilling Shale Shaker

Diamond Drilling mud system always includes equipment for very small capacity with a small shale shaker. GN Solids designed a mini shale shaker mainly for diamond drilling , spec as bellow:

1) Treating capacity : 100-150GPM

2) Vibrator Motor: 2×0.75KW

3) Shaker Screen: Single deck with 2 panel, double deck with 3 panel

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