Cuttings Discharge Pump ( cdp )

The cuttings discharge pump (cdp) is a safe and efficient vacuum system designed to collect drill solids on a continuous basis and discharge them into drilling waste containers on the rig.

This application similar with augers but more convenient. Benefits:

1) Continuous vacuum collection and discharge of drill cuttings

2) High containment capacity due to the telescopic arm suppling cuttings to a max of eighteen drilling waste containers

3) Low resource requirement due to the arm being operated by one person only

Shale Shaker Screens

Shale shakers removes solids by processing solid laden drilling fluid over the surface of a vibrating screen. Particles smaller than the screen openings pass through the screen along with the liqid phase of drilling fluids.

Larger particles and trapped finer particles are separated into the shaker overflow for discard

GN Solids supply several screens for GN brand shaker and international brand shaker.

Features Of Drilling Waste Container

Drilling Waste Container (DWC) is designed to hold drilling cuttings. Main features as bellow:

1) The container is fully enclosed within a lifing frame

2) A large sealing door aids filling and emptying

3) The containers can be provided with certified lifting slings included

4) The discharge door has an internal seal which is secured by clasps to avoid spillage during transportation

GN Solids build a complete line of solids control equipment and drilling waste container

Decanter Centrifuge “G” Force

Since G-Force increases with the square of decanter centrifuge bowl RPM, it is an important parameter. G-force also increases linearly with bowl diameter. For a given particle size and fluid properties, there is a minimum G-force necessary to invoke settling. Although high G force is desirable, the cost is proportional to the cube of the bowl rpm and there are similar econonic limitaitions on centrifuge bowl diameter as well.

GN Solids Control is one of the most proffessional supplier for decanter centrifuge. Please click GN Web for more info