Maintenance of GN Shale Shaker

Shale shaker plays an important in the complete set of solids control system as the first stage treating machine. GNZS series shale shaker is dual motor driven and linear vibration with high frequency specially designed for particles removal from drilling fluids for oil and gas drilling, minig and slurry separation industry. GN three models shale shaker are similar in structure, but different in screen quantity and dimension. GNZS752E is two-panel screen shaker, GNZS703E is three-panel screen shaker, and GNZS594E is four-panel screen shaker.  The screen support structure’s stainless steel construction results in maximum durability prolong life. Easy to install, oil-resistant bed cushions provide an all-important complete seal with no hardware required. 

One of distinguishing feature of GN shaker is the patent wedged screen locking device which make the screen replacement easy and fast. The structure is a special type use tension wedge to fix screen. The first time to fix screen, you should inspect the screen dimension. Firstly put the strip, then put screen, and push the wedge evenly on the two sides of the deck with hamper to tight the wedges. During operation, when screens broken or needed to be replaced, get the wedge out and then bring out the screen and check if the rubber strip broken or not, then put the new screen on the shaker deck and tension it steadily. 

GN shale shaker can not only used in solids control systems but also can be used for drilling waste management normally water-based mud cuttings. GN also supplies high G shaker which is specially designed for water-based mud cutting treatment. Last week, GN delivered 8 sets high G shaker and 8 sets decanter centrifuge for Sinopec’s not pit drilling as the drilling waste management machines. This year, many sets of GN drilling waste management machine sold. 

GN 500GPM Mud Cleaning Unit-GNMS-500B for Trenchless Project in Saudi Arabia

What is known to all is that solids control
systems play an indispensable part in oil and gas drilling where Hebei GN
Solids Control Co., Ltd started to design and manufacture solids control
equipment. Besides oil and gas drilling, other kinds of drilling operation also
require solids control equipment and system to clean and recycle drilling
fluids to save cost. While the solids control equipment and system for other
kinds of drilling is relatively less complicated than for oil and gas drilling.
Until now, Hebei GN Solids Control Co., Ltd has extended its business to mud
cleaning and recycling system
for various drilling operations such as
Horizontal Directional Drilling(HDD), CBM drilling, geothermal drilling, water
well drilling, bore piling, mining which has a not so strict requirement on
drilling fluids as oil and gas drilling. That’s why there will be a two stage or
three stage treatment: shale shaker as first stage to separate coarse solids,
desander cleaner as second stage to separate solids over 40 microns, desilter
cleaner as third stage to separate fine solids over 25 microns normally without
decanter centrifuge to separate ultra-fine solids.  

Recently GN has finished 2 sets of 500GPM
mud cleaning unit for trenchless project in Saudi Arabia
. You may hear that
Saudi Arabia is not a easy market to enter because of its critical requirements
for product quality and performance. However with around a decade’s development
and growing, GN has win a big marker in the Middle East such as Saudi Arabia,
Kuwait, Oman and Iran. This mud cleaning unit includes one 20ft mud tank which
is divided into 3 compartments one for desander, one for desilter, one for
storage; 1 set 3-Screen shale shakr, and one set of mud cleaner with a treating
capacity to 500GPM.