GN Big Project in 2014 Including Baker Hughes and Shell

Solar new is coming inconspicuously and gradually. You may only realize it until one day you see signs bearing Happy New Year every where. January 1st not only starts a new year, but also puts an end to the last, all happiness and sorrow; success and failure all gone with wind. The year 2014 has witnessed GN Solids Control’s development. As a top manufacturer of solids control and waste management equipment, GN is gradually accepted by big players in oil and gas field. GN did many a big projects this for them. 

COSL (China Oilfield Service Limited) is the largest fleet of offshore oilfield services facility in China with 30 sets of jackup drilling rigs and 10 sets semisubmersible drilling rigs. This year, GN made 3 sets of solids control systems for 1000hp drilling rig.  Baker Hughes, toptier oilfield service company with a centurylong track record, delivers solutions that help oil and gas operators make the most of their reservoirs. Last month, Baker Hughes’ Russian branch purchased 4 sets of GN waste management system, and now they are in GN for inspection. Royal Dutch Shell Plc, normally known as Shell, is the second largest company in the world in terms of revenue, and one of the six oil and gas “supermajors”. This month, GN finished one set of drilling cutting management for GWDC(Greatwall Drilling Company) to do service for Shell in Sichuan, China

With the above mentioned big projects GN made this year, GN is now receiving more and more attention from the big players in oil and gas field. While for GN, striving for a larger space both in domestic and international market is also her obligation. These big projects will encourage GN to struggle for more and more big projects.

GN Waste Management System for Shell & Baker Hughes

As a top manufacture of solids control system and waste management system in China, Hebei GN Solids Control is the firstly API certified, and also the first one who has built up USA based branch. With about ten years’ development, GN product has been exported to more than 60 countries, among whic waste management system is certainly included. And now, GN waste management system is gradually accepted by more and more well-known companies. Last month, GN has sold 4 set of waste management system to Baker Hughes in Russia, and now they are under manufactured now. This month, GN has build up one sets of drilling cutting management for GWDC( Greatwall Drilling Company), who will do this service for Shell with this management in Sichuan Province, China.

Regarding to the finished one in this month for Shell, it is designed to process 30 tons per hour with the below composition of equipment.

  1. GNCD930 Vertical Cutting Dryer: the second generation of GN vertical cutting dryer can handle both of WBM and OBM drilling cuttings with improved performance.
  2. GNLW363BG-VFD: highest standard with duplex stainless steel 2205 for conical and cylindrical section of bowl, and touch panel for PLC control.
  3. Feeding pump and tanks.  

The drilling cuttings will be transferred to the vertical cutting dryer by two screw conveyors. After processed by th vertical cutting dryer, the solids will be discharged from the bottom with a moisture content of 3%-5%; the liquids will be delivered to the decanter centrifuge screw pump for further process. Except the finished one, another four sets of drilling cutting managementsystem are under construction for Baker Hughes. Cooperation with well- known companies is exciting and encouraging. GN will stick to strive high quality and best service to win more big companies in this field.

GN Mud System for Water Well Drilling

Last week, one of GN customers asked one New Brand . He wanted to used this decanter centrifuge for mud treatment of water well drilling. GN solids control is an expert in mud system for water well drilling, and has manufactured many a mud systems for water well drilling. This April, GN delivered one set to Australia, another one to Kuwait. Besides mud system for water well drilling, GN is also specialized in solids control system for oil and gas drilling, mud system for HDD rigs and Tunneling. Last Wednesday, GN delivered one set of mud system for TBM with dewatering unit. As to drilling waste management system, GN really has a lot to say. This month, GN sold four units of drilling waste management system to Baker Hughes in Russia.

A water well is an excavation or structure created in the ground by digging, boring, or drilling to access groundwater in underground aquifers. Whether drilling fluids are needed or not depends on the formation of ground the depth of drilling. In many areas with desert in Africa and Middle East, drilling fluids are always needed, and a mud recycling system and mixing system is also needed to preparing drilling mud.

GN Solids Control designs easy-move mud systems for water well drilling, and contractors have two options: one is trailer mounted mud system; the other is skid mounted mud system. Besides, hydraulic jack up system is also available. Generally, the mus system is composed of  shale shaker and desander(or desilter or mud cleaner) for solids separation, centrifugal pumps for feeding mud, mixing device for mud mixture, and mud tanks. GN has introduced the general information to our customer, and now he is considering the whole treating capacity of this mud system