Cuttings Blowing Pump For Drilling Waste Management

Cuttings blowing pump ( CBP ) blows drill cuttings and centrifuge waste from a collection point on the rig to a temporary bulk storage tank on the rig. Benefits of CBP

1) High capacity in excess of 35MT per hour

2) Allows cuttings to be blown straight to a boat

3) Reduces exposure to drilling wastes on the rig

4) Carane lifts are minimised, reducing the risks associated with lifting numerous drilling waste containers from the rig to a boat

Causes of Premature Shaker Screen Failure

Several factors may contribute to premature shaker screen failure. Most failures result from improper screen installation or damage to the shaker itself. Cracked or warped shaker beds, which may result from many years of continuous use or improper maintenance, will cause poor vibration patterns. This may cause improper maintenance, will cause poor vibration patterns. This may cause improper solids conveyance, which in turn, may cause solids to agther on certain areas of screen, wearing holes in that ssection. Damaged bedgs may also affect the tensioning ability of the tension system, including flexure in the shale shaker screen.

Decanter Centrifuge For Stock In America

GN decanter cetnrifuge is shown in America for stock as we set up an brance office in Houston with  warehouse there. Main spec of the centrifuge:

decanter centrifuge

1) Model: GNLW363G

2) Treating Capacity: 30 Cubic meters

3) Separation Size: 2-5 microns

Other than GNLW363G decanter centrifuge, GN build other size of centrifuge also, Pls contact us for more inquiry

Shale Shaker Mesh Size Designation

Plain square and rectangular weaves are often referred to by the number of wires in each direction per linear inch for shale shaker screen. Use of a single number for describing screens implies a square mesh. For example “20mesh” usually describes a screen having 20 openings per inch in either direction along the screen grid.

GN Solids offer shaker screen as mentioned above for matching different brand like Derrick,Brandt,NOV,etc And a complete line solids control equipments.