How to Choose Appropriate Decanter Centrifuge in Solids Control project

Decanter Centrifuge is among the most
typical and well-known equipment in drilling mud solids control project. It’s frequently utilized
as the 4th stage solids control equipment to get rid of the best fine solids.
To some degree, the performance from the centrifuge determines the prosperity
of the work.

How you can define the capability from the
horizontal sedimentation decanter centrifuge

The majority of the oilfield application
decanter centrifuge producers worldwide claim the capability that is examined
using the water. Go ahead and take GNLW363BG normal size bowl centrifuge
for instance, the nominal capacity is 132GPM, this capacity is perfect for
water and also the actual dealing with capacity could be various based on the
drilling mud condition or any other factors. That’s why when customer asks how
is the capability from the centrifuge, GN always asks the consumer to supply
just as much information from the drilling mud as you possibly can. Normally,
the solid content percentage and distribution, the mud density and viscosity are
essential needed.

How you can choose the appropriate decanter
centrifuge according the reason

The decanter centrifuge is classed as
middle speed and high speed; GN team suggested choosing the decanter centrifuge
rotation speed according the work purpose.

a. For barite recycling, the G force
700-1000, RPM around 2000

b. For low gravity solids separation, the G
force 1800-2300, RPM 3200

C. For High gravity solid separation, the G
force 1000-2000, RPM 2500

How you can adjust the centrifuge technical
parameters for correct operation

You will find some parameters from the
centrifuge throughout operation have to be given more attention for easily
working and specified performance result. The parameters here involved will be
the bowl speed, the differential speed, the feeding flow rate and liquid
discharge port plate adjustment.

If you prefer a large treating capacity,
you will want enhance the differential speed by raising the bowl speed.

If you would like the liquid as clean as
enough, you’ll need enhance the bowl speed, lessen the differential speed, and
lift the liquid discharge plate to some high position, thus the mud would
remain in the bowl for extended time, and also the liquid pool could be deep.
More solids could be sediment for the bowl wall. Then liquid released out might
have less solid particle.

If you wish to the released solid material
much dryer, you are able to enhance the bowl speed, lessen the differential
speed, minimizing the liquid discharge part plate position. Then your liquid
could be released rapidly, and also the solid could have a lengthy distance for
dewatering when discharging from the cone slope in the small finish from the bowl.

An effective feeding flow rates are
important too for well performance from the centrifuge. Usually, the operator
would try several occasions with various flow rates to select a finest one.
This is often implemented only through the variable speed control pump.

GN Solids Control can provide decanter
centrifuge for fixed speed and Variable speed. To learn more, don’t hesitate to
connection with us.