Will Decanter Centrifuge Be Required For CBM Drilling?

Many drillers are asking: Will we need decanter centrifuge for our CBM drilling? This is hard to answer cause different people have different idears  and conserns.

If you the decanter centrifuge cost won’t exceed your budget, I will say a decanter centrifuge will be required for better performance and avoid drilling mud weight get higher and higher. If cost exceed your budget, I will say no need for centrifuge

GN have one set decanter centrifuge for sale, it’s main spec as bellow:

  1. Mud Flow capacity is 260GPM
  2. Bowl diameter 450mm
  3. Bowl Length is 1540mm
  4. Bowl Speed is 2800RPM
  5. Separation Point reaches to 2-5 microns
  6. IECEX certified electricals can be supplied
  7. Tungsten carbide tiles for screw protection
  8. Tungsten carbide alloy for screw flow distrbution port and bowl solids  discharge port

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Recycle System of GN

Nowadays, Mud Cleaning System has been designed for use in drilling and no-dig market. Why public pick out the drilling fluids recycle system?
One of the purposes with the application of drilling fluids will be to eliminate particle from drilling wells. Accordingly, the restoration of bentonite slurry – this really is certainly one of one of the most significant in modern day drilling operations, which primarily will depend on the efficiency on the entire drilling process. GN provide the shale shaker for the massive solids, and for fine solids employed by hydrocyclone installation – Desander and desilters and decanter centrifuge.
Here are the motives Apply recycle program:
1. Use of recycle systems for substantial, powerful rigs gives substantial savings by decreasing the fees of expensive components of drilling mud
2. Extremely restrict environmental regulations. Public and government could not tolerant any more waste drilling fluids discharge directly towards the ocean or land. supervisory organizations place forward the requirement for Zero discharge and recycle the drilling cutting so that you can very reduced discharge of drill cuttings into the atmosphere. So, contractor ought to use the mud recycle system to clean the drilling fluids
2 GN SOLIDS Control
So that you can sustain and improve globe oil and gas production, greater levels of drilling will likely be vital in increasingly difficult and complex environments, GN is understanding the technical challenges and mitigating the consequent threat in advance of a drilling and production programs can mean key price savings and effectively performance improvement for our customers. GN Solids Manage plays a crucial element in meeting these challenges.
GN Solids Handle recognized that it most effective served its clients, not just delivery drilling fluid recycle products towards the client?ˉs location, but by anticipating and preparing for how those merchandise would function for our clientele and lower the environmental footprint, maximally optimize drilling performance and to decrease the risk connected with fluids-related challenges.
GN solids handle unit is extensively applied for all over the world and win a very good reputation. Our engineer is flying to distinct corner in the globe to supply the service to our clientele. GN shale shaker, mud conditioner, decanter centrifuge and vertical cutting dryer are our primary and advantage merchandise. In addition, GN is devoted to new places for instance HDD, CBM, TBM and dredge slurry separation.
Indeed, our enterprise is engaged inside the improvement, manufacture and sale of gear for reuse Mud Cleaning System, which also can be made use of in HDD,CBM,TBM and dredge slurry program.
4. GN supply the two inch and 3 inch Mud cleaner for the diverse requirement.
For the complete technique, GN also supplies the Mud Cleaning System like shale shaker, de sander, de silter and centrifuge and mud storage tank. GN mud program sustains the drilling fluid inside the effective working situation so that you can give the optimistic penetration of price.

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GN Mud Gas Separator for Canadian Customer

GN Solids America LLC has just signed a contract having a Canadian client for mud gas separator. These mud gas separator are going to be shipped from GN Solids Handle?ˉs china headquarter straight to client.
Mud gas separator is an optional equipment in the entire solids manage program. It?ˉs applied to remove hazard gas. The flare ignition device is generally utilised together together with the gas separator. The mud gas separator and igniter are set generally above 60m away in the effectively to make sure security. GN Solids Control mud gas separator features a capacity of 200 cubic meters per hour. The drilling mud with gas immerged is transferred to the separator. Immediately after separation the gas enters for the igniter. The igniter burn out the hazard gas. The cleaned mud then pumped to the shale shaker for further remedy. After the solids control method cleaning the clean mud can be reused for drilling.
GN Solids Handle manufactures whole series of solids control equipments and mud cleaning and recycling systems. We supply our shoppers with turn crucial solutions for solids control on drilling site.

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CBM drilling mud cleaning method

GN exported a hydraulic jack up Mud Cleaning System for international client. It’s a customized technique with customized colour, logo, and nameplate.
Capabilities with the CBM drilling Mud Cleaning System
1) It is a self lifting program with 4 hydraulic jack-up legs. Through shipment, it can be no want crane machine. The approach is usually lift by itself. Truck drive back below the mud cleaning approach tank at CBM drilling web page, then the technique can fall down by itself for the truck for rapidly movement.
2) It’s a 3-stage solids handle method for CBM drilling rigs
Quite very first stage solids handle: shale shaker
Third stage solids manage: desilter. There is no desander machine applied inside this CBM program.
For any far more compact system and to lessen total cost from the plan, GN engineer group improvement a double deck shale shaker mounted collectively with desilter cones. It is only a footprint of a shale shaker, and combined the function of a shale shaker also to a mud desilter.
Forth stage solids deal with: infant centrifuge, specially made for mining and CBM drilling field.
Agitating and Mixing system: the strategy is complete with agitating and mud mixing approach. Together with total lighting and electrical handle system, it’s a “turn the key” resolution for CBM Mud Cleaning System contractors.

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Best selling decanter centrifuge in Lybia

Lybia is often a very good marketplace for oil drilling & waste management, Even there are some wars in past years. But now, the situation is become more stable and it is proper for the business become roaring. Recently, we have customer from Lybia who is professional for solids control service & waste management service, he want to buy 4 sets decanter centrifuge from us to offer local service.

The best-selling decanter centrifuge is Lybia is variable speed centrifuge GNLW363BG-VFD. This is also the most flexible centrifuge model from GN. Which can be used for fine solids separation, barite recovery etc.

As equivalent model to Swaco CD518HV/ Brandt 2717 / Derrick DE1000. Compared with them, GN decanter centrifuge has below advantages:

(1) Cost-effective, GN centrifuge has the equal working performance with Swaco 518. But the price is much lower than that. So if the customer buy from GN , they can save lots of money.
(2) After sales service: Many companies don’t offer engineer for equipment commissioning. But GN can offer professional engineer to your jobsite once request.

Not only for centrifuge, GN Solids America also professional for complete line of mud system. Should you have any questions, pls contact Hebei GN Solids Control Co., Ltd. In Beijing China or Houston, USA.

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