Drilling Cuttings Re-Injection

Drilling cuttings re-injection (CRI) is an in situ method for the disposal of drilling cuttings and other drilling wastes into a sub犀利士
-surface stratum.

Drilling cuttings are slurriified with waster and groud down to a pre-determined partical size. The partical size is achieved by passing through a shaker screen. Slurry of the correct particle size and physical properties is injected via a pump, which is typically of a triplex design, into the well head at a given pressure and down into the pre-determined sub-surface injection zone. Over size particals from the shale shaker are re-circulated for further  grinding.

2 Stage Centrifuge For Solids Control

In oil drilling, their maybe 2 stage centrifuge for solids control slystem. The first centrifuge recovers barite and the second centrifuge dries it’s centrate and recovers valuable fluids.

For 2 stage centrifuge to be efficient, the first centrifuge must make a god separation since most of the solids in it’s centrate will be discarded.The poorer separation, the more barite will be carried over in the second centrifuge. Similarly, the second centrifuge mud operate at the highest possible G force to remove the most solids.

Centrifuge Unweighted Mud

Centrifuge can unweight drilling mud.

1) When processing the active system, the centrifuge feed should be taken from the desilter discharge compartment

2) Provide enough centrifuges to process at least 25% of the circulation rate

3) Run at max bowl RPM to achieve highest G Force and best separation

4) Operate the centrifuge just bellow the flood out point

Decanter centrifuge is a very important part for whole machine to unweight drilling mud.