Top Brand Shale Shaker in the World

There are many suppliers of shale shaker in the world, some famous and some not. Some top brand shale shaker took a majority of the maket. The most famous brand shaker are:

1) Derrick FLC503/504, FLC 2000 shale shaker

2) Brandt Cobra Shale shaker

3) MI-Swaco shaker

4) GNZS703 shaker with wedge type installation

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Oilfield Centrifugal Pump

Oilfield centrifugal pump will working for transfer mud. GN offered centrifugal pump is replacable with Mission Magnum pump.

Several fuctions of centrifugal pump:

1/ Feeding desander or desilter cones

2/ Transfer mud from one place to another

3/ Charge pump for mud pump

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Flat Shaker Screen VS Pyramid Screen

Flat screen better? or Pyramid?

Many client is asking me this question but I can’t give a fixed anwser. As far as we know, this will depending on mud conditions and drill fluils. Normally flat screen will reaches a longger working life and pyramid screen shoter life but dryer cuttings.

GN build GN brand shaker screen and international brand like Derrick, Brandt, Kem-Tron,etc. Please send us inquiry freely

Stainless Ball Valve for Desilter Cone

Normally desilter cone is connect by clamp directly with cone frame, GN design desilter cone on mud cleaner is installed 2 ball valve for desilter cone. Advantage:

1) Adjust pressture with pump

2) Easy service cones without stop a whole machine

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