Top Brand Shale Shaker in the World

There are many suppliers of shale shaker in the world, some famous and some not. Some top brand shale shaker took a majority of the maket. The most famous brand shaker are:

1) Derrick FLC503/504, FLC 2000 shale shaker

2) Brandt Cobra Shale shaker

3) MI-Swaco shaker

4) GNZS703 shaker with wedge type installation

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Flat Shaker Screen VS Pyramid Screen

Flat screen better? or Pyramid?

Many client is asking me this question but I can’t give a fixed anwser. As far as we know, this will depending on mud conditions and drill fluils. Normally flat screen will reaches a longger working life and pyramid screen shoter life but dryer cuttings.

GN build GN brand shaker screen and international brand like Derrick, Brandt, Kem-Tron,etc. Please send us inquiry freely