GN Solids Control Invitation to the 2024 CIPPE Bejing Oil Equipment Exhibition

GN Solids Control glad to invite all of our clients and friends to attend the world largest Oil & Gas exhibition CIPPE in Beijing New China International Exhibition Center

  • Exhibition Name: The 24th China International Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition(CIPPE 2024)
  • Exhibition time: 25th-27th, March, 2024,
  • GN Booth No.: E2168
  • Offical website:

As the world famous brand solids control equipment manufacturer and drilling waste management equipment systems, GN Solids Control has been devoted to supplying the most cost-effective products in thousands of drilling rig sites. Without doubt, CIPPE ( 2024 is a great show, we will be excited to meet clients at our booth.

GN will show the following equipments during the fair:

1. GN ViST Shaker

GN ViST shaker is a traditional shaker fixed with vacuum screen unit. ViST helps to recover more than 20~30% liquid from the drilling mud, which is a large volume waste reduction and new drilling mud investment after year’s accumulation.

2. GN Decanter Centrifuge

Decanter centrifuge is a core treating unit for the solids and liquid separation. GN will bring 2-phase decanter centrifuge GNLW632A, GNLW554FT-VFD, and 3-phase decanter centrifuge GNLWS364FT-VFD to the exhibition.

3. GN disc stack separator

Disc stack separator is a device that rapidly separates solid and liquid through high-speed centrifugal force.  GN will bring a 3-phase disc stack separator GNSD90 to the exhibition.

4. GN Cuttings Dryer

Cuttings Dryer is largely used for OBM and SBM treating, oil in the cuttings can be controlled less than 5% from above 15%. GN Solids Control provides cuttings dryer with different sizes of screen basket, which can be changed for different materials.

5. GN Solids Vacuum Pump

GN Solids Vacuum Pump is an ideal equipment for high-speed transferring sludge with high solid content up to 80% and high specific gravity material.

6. GN Screw Conveyor

Screw conveyor is mainly used to remove drill cuttings discharged from shaker, desander, desilter. It is an effectively solids transfer unit within certain length.


Enhancing Screening Efficiency with GN Separation’s Polyurethane Screen Panels and Mesh

In the realm of solid-liquid separation, GN Separation emerges as a frontrunner with its innovative solutions, particularly in the realm of polyurethane screen panels and mesh. These products are engineered to redefine efficiency and durability in screening processes, offering unparalleled performance for various industrial applications.

Polyurethane Screen Panel:

GN Separation’s polyurethane screen panels stand out for their exceptional elasticity, superior wear resistance, and remarkable screening efficiency. Crafted from high-quality polyurethane materials, these panels undergo rigorous selection and testing processes to ensure optimal performance in demanding environments.

One of the key advantages of polyurethane is its outstanding elasticity, allowing the screen panels to withstand continuous vibrations and impacts without compromising performance. This resilience translates to extended operational lifespans and reduced downtime, ultimately driving down maintenance costs for businesses.

Moreover, GN Separation’s polyurethane screen panels boast customizable surface designs, enabling tailored solutions to specific screening requirements. By optimizing surface patterns, such as aperture shapes and sizes, these panels enhance screening efficiency and particle separation accuracy, resulting in higher throughput and product quality.

Polyurethane Screen Mesh:

Beside polyurethane screen panels, GN Separation also offers polyurethane screen mesh tailored for high-frequency fine screening and multi-layer vibrating screens. Engineered from high molecular weight polyurethane elastomers, these meshes exhibit exceptional physical and mechanical properties, including high strength, elasticity, and wear resistance.

One of the distinguishing features of GN Separation’s polyurethane screen mesh is its variable aperture rates, ranging from 28% to 45%. This flexibility allows for precise control over particle size separation, catering to diverse material processing needs across industries.

Furthermore, the combination of high open area, processing capacity, and performance makes polyurethane screen mesh an ideal choice for dewatering and classification applications. Whether it’s separating solids from liquids or grading materials by size, these meshes deliver consistent results with minimal maintenance requirements.

In summary, GN Separation’s polyurethane screen panels and mesh represent a paradigm shift in screening technology, offering unmatched durability, versatility, and efficiency. With a commitment to quality and innovation, GN Separation continues to empower industries worldwide with cutting-edge solutions for their solid-liquid separation challenges.

GN Separation Embarks on a New Journey in the Year of the Loong, Restarting Operations with Renewed Vigor

As the clang of the 2024 Lunar New Year fades into the distance, Delivery is fully prepared and bursting with renewed energy. On this auspicious occasion of the Year of the loong, GN Separation extends its deepest gratitude and blessings to every new and longstanding customer. It is through your unwavering support and kindness that GN has grown and persevered.

The loong, a symbol of the Chinese nation, represents strength, wisdom, and prosperity. In this Year of the loong, GN Separation aims to uphold these values, striving to provide customers with even higher-quality products and services. We understand that the pursuit of excellence is not just a slogan but a commitment to be fulfilled through actions.

Looking back on 2023, GN Separation has achieved remarkable success. In terms of production, we surpassed our set targets, thanks to the tireless efforts of our team members and efficient team collaboration. Simultaneously, our company’s revenue reached new heights, and our market share steadily rose, laying a solid foundation for our long-term development. Notably, our successful relocation from the old factory in Langfang to the new factory in Tangshan Yutian marks a new chapter in our growth story, providing a robust platform for future business expansion.

As we stand at this new beginning, GN Separation remains committed to enhancing our production management and elevating the quality of our products and services. With a more rigorous approach and professional expertise, we aim to deliver more satisfying solutions to our customers. Additionally, we will closely monitor market trends, stay abreast of industry developments, and continue to innovate and progress.

On the occasion of the Chinese New Year, GN Separation once again extends its heartfelt wishes to all our customers, both new and old. May your businesses prosper, dreams come true, and families be filled with happiness! Simultaneously, we also wish GN Separation an even more glorious year ahead, creating even more value for our customers. Together, let us forge ahead and create a brighter future!

Application of Linear Dewatering Vibrating Screen in Iron Mines in China

In various industries such as mining, coal, building materials, metallurgy, and chemical engineering, the GN Dewatering Vibrating Screen finds extensive application. The linear motion dewatering vibrating screen is particularly suitable for dewatering, desliming, de-mucking, and dry discharge of tailings in mines. This equipment is designed with advanced techniques such as finite element analysis and fatigue analysis to ensure rational screen structure, low energy consumption, and high dewatering and dry discharge capacity. It can adapt to various corrosive and abrasive working conditions, offering high throughput, efficiency, and stable performance. Moreover, the machine dimensions can be customized according to customer requirements.The GN Dewatering Vibrating Screen is equipped with two vibration motors mounted on the top, utilizing the principle of reverse self-synchronization to induce linear motion in the screen body. The synchronous vibration of the screen body drives the material on the screen surface, causing the material to impact and bounce on the screen surface, thus achieving solid-liquid separation and coarse-fine particle separation. Material is continuously fed directly from the feed tank or cyclone separator onto the screen surface for dewatering and desliming. The materials on the upper and lower sides of the screen are respectively discharged into upper and lower receiving tanks and proceed to the next process. The angle between the direction of vibration force and the horizontal direction can be designed according to the characteristics of the materials on-site, determining the running speed of materials on the screen surface and the processing capacity of the equipment.

GN Separation: A Professional Manufacturer of Linear Motion Dewatering Vibrating Screens for Iron Ore Screening Upgrades

Recently, GN Separation has successfully completed the manufacturing and assembly of a batch of linear motion dewatering vibrating screens for iron ore, and successfully conducted factory trials. This innovative product is soon to be delivered to domestic customers, injecting new vitality into the iron ore screening process.

ore mining vibrating screen

In the field of iron ore processing, dewatering screening is a crucial step in enhancing processing efficiency and quality. The linear motion dewatering vibrating screen from GN is specifically designed to meet this demand. Its outstanding features include the use of Huck rivets to connect the screen box wall panels, effectively avoiding stress issues associated with traditional welding. Additionally, it employs well-known OLI brand vibrating motors to ensure efficient and stable operation. The polyurethane screen deck, renowned for its excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance, provides solid support for the equipment’s lifespan and screening efficiency.

Moreover, the modular installation design simplifies and speeds up screen panel replacement, significantly reducing downtime. The large screening area enables more efficient dewatering, rapidly boosting iron ore processing efficiency. The adjustable installation angle of the equipment adapts to different working environments and conditions, fully demonstrating GN’s technical prowess and innovative spirit.

linear motion dewatering vibrating screen

The working principle of the GN linear dewatering vibrating screen is equally impressive. By installing two vibrating motors and utilizing the principle of reverse self-synchronization, the screen body is set into linear motion, transmitting force to the material on the screen. This impact causes the material to be thrown up on the screen surface, achieving solid-liquid separation and the separation of coarse and fine particles. Material is continuously fed through a feed chute or hydrocyclone, undergoing dewatering and desliming processes on the screen surface. The oversize and undersize materials are then discharged into separate collection bins, ready for the next processing stage. The angle between the excitation force direction and the horizontal can be designed based on the material properties at the customer site, as this angle determines the material’s movement speed on the screen surface and the equipment’s processing capacity.

In addition to linear dewatering vibrating screens, GN Separation offers a range of other mining vibrating screens, such as high-frequency fine screens, banana screens, and flip-flop screens. These equipment are widely used in screening operations for mineral resources such as iron ore, coal, and non-ferrous metals, providing customers with comprehensive and efficient screening solutions.

GN Separation has always been customer-oriented, committed to developing and producing efficient and stable mining screening equipment. In the future, GN will continue to delve deeper into the mining equipment sector, contributing more innovative forces to global mining development. Let’s look forward to GN’s continued excellent performance in the mining industry!