Slurry BLowing Pump (SBP)

The slurry blowing pump (sbp) is designed to reclaim drilling fluid, sludges, and soids, transferring them on a continuous basis from one point on the drill rig to another. It canĀ  also be used for other waste stream spillages such as wastewater or slurries. The cleaning of ditches, cellars and sups plus the skimming of pips and cuttings boxes is also possible. Collected wastes are typically blown into a drilling waste container or alike.

Cuttings Re-Injection After Drilling

Cuttings re-injection is an in situ method for the disposal of driling cuttings and other drilling wastes into a sub-surface stratum

Drill cuttings are slurrified with water and ground down to a pre-determined partical size. The partical size is achieved by passing through a shaker screen. Slurry of hte correct partical size and physical properties is injected via a pump, which is typically of a triplex design, into the well head at a given pressure and down into the pre-detaimined sub-surface injection zone.