Decanter Centrifuge Screw

Screw is a very impoartant part for decanter centrifuge which need:

1) Abrasion resistant alloy is needed for inlet and discharge to project screw and can be replace to keep a machine working longger time

2) Stainless material requried

3) Balance very strict

GN Solids supply decanter centrifuge for drilling industry, pls contact us freely

Mud cleaning system for diamond drilling

Diamond drilling requires mud cleaning system with very compact design and low mud flow rate. GN build this mini mud system for diamond drilling with spec:
1) Treating capacity: 150 liters per minute
2) GNZS752 shale shaker for first phase to separate 100 micron and above
3) GN223 centrifuge for second phase to separate 2-5 microns
Please contact GN for Diamond drilling mud cleaning system freely

Water tank on drilling site

Water tank is a important part on drilling site with 2 main applications:

1) Living water suppy to people stay on site

2) Supply clean water to equipment to new mud,wash machine,or others

Water tank containers a tank body, water pump and pipelines to meet it’s applications, GN Solids Control build water tank to all over the world, please contact us freely

No-Dig Down Under In Sydney for Trenchless Technology

No-Dig down under will be held in Sydney for trenchless technology. GN will bring a 150GPM mud system to sydney for No Dig exhibiton during 1-4 Sep. GN 150 GPM mud system including:

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1) One set GNZS752D double deck shale shaker

2) 4m long mud tank

3) Jet mud mixer for mixing application

Please contact me freely for inquiry