GN Economic Desander Unit and GN Mud System

Hebei GN Solids Control Co., Ltd is the top
manufacturer of solids control equipment in China. It is the first API
certified, and until now it has been certified by DNV CE, and Russia TR&TC.
With about a decade’s fast and stable development, Hebei GN Solids Control Co.,
Ltd has exported to over 60 countries with a famous and international brand GN
Solids Control achieved which targets the middle and high end market. In 2015,
GN Solids Control set up the first USA-based solids control company owned by a
China’s manufacture in Houston. Starting from solids control equipment for oil
and gas drilling, GN Solids Control already extended the application to other
kinds of drilling project such as HDD, CBM, Tunneling, Bored Piling, Water well
drilling, Geothermal drilling and has designed the standard models of economic
desander unit mainly for bore piling and mud systems for HDD, CBM, and

Similarly, the treating equipment in both
desander unit and mud system are generally shakers and cones. While, the
quantity of the treating equipment depend on the treating capacity required by
the customer. Different size of cones can separate different size of solids.
The 10’’ cones usually separates solids over 0 microns, the 4’’ cones usually
separates solids over 20 microns. The different thing is that the mud system
includes mud mixing device.

GN drilling mud shale shaker is the primary solids control
equipment, normally used to separate solids upper 100 microns depends on the
shaker screen mesh it used.The mud cleaner is a combination of desander and
desilter, with a downstream shale shaker for drying solids under the
hydrocylones.The desander gives separation of upper 40 microns sands, and the 4
inch desilter separate silts upper of 20 microns. So the mud cleaner normally
work as the secondary and third phased solids control for drilling mud.

GN Mud System For HDD Drilling

Where is the drilling mud used, where is
the need for mud cleaning and recollecting unit. Starting from solids
control system for oil and gas drilling
, Hebei GN Solids Control Co.,
Ltd has extend its product line to mud cleaning unit for other kinds of
drilling such as HDD, CBM water well drilling, geothermal drilling, tunneling
and bored piling. Unit now, over 30 sets of mud cleaning unit are delivered to
Australia and New Zealand for HDD trenchless project. So what is HDD drilling?

The full name for HDD is Horizontal
Directional Drilling, commonly known as directional boring with trenchless
method to install underground pipes, conduits and cables in a shallow arc along
a prescribed bore path by using a surface-launched drilling rig, with minimal
impact on the surrounding area. When the trenching or excavating can’t be
carried out because of the environmental protection to the landscapes, road and
river, the HDD is the used. Installation lengths up to 2000 m have
been completed, and diameters up to 1200 mm have been installed in
shorter runs. While when there are voids in the rock or incomplete layers of
rock, directional boring is not practical.

In the mud cleaning system for HDD, there are always 2 or 3 stages
treating machine with a mud mixing device. The first stage treatment equipment
is shale shaker which removes coarse solids out; the second stage treatment
equipment is 10’’ desander cyclone to separate
solids over 40 microns; the third stage treatment equipment is 4’’ desilter cyclone to separate solids over 25 microns. After
the treatment, the clean mud will be added some chemicals and mixed for usage.
Later, GN will bring its 350 gpm mud system to attend a show in Australia. Besides
350 gpm, GN has 200gpm, 500gpm, 800gpm, 1000gpm standard models.

Drilling Fluids for Drilling Project

Drilling fluids are used to aid the process of drilling
boreholes into the earth in geotechnical engineering, usually while drilling
oil and natural gas wells, drilling simpler boreholes such as water well, and
also doing some construction projects such as bored piling and tunneling.
Liquid drilling fluids is also known as drilling mud, and usually divided into
three main categories: water based mud( abbreviated as WBM), oil based
mud(shortened as OBM), and synthetic based mud(SBM). And also there has been a
new kind of drilling fluid which is called gaseous drilling fluid. The majority
of WBM is a mixer of water, clays(mostly commonly is bentonite) and other
chemicals which is homogeneous. To the contrary, the base of OBM is petroleum
product such as  diesel fuel.

 Drilling fluids can cool, lubricate and
clean the drilling bit. If not, the drilling bit will fail rapidly. Drilling
fluids can remove the cutting from well, and suspend and release the cuttings.
Drilling fluids can control the well formation pressure and maintain the
stability of well holes. Drilling fluids can seal the permeable formation and
minimizing the damage to formation.

 It is very expensive to composite drilling
fluids, so solids control systems are used to remove the solids contented
in the drilling fluids coming out from well and collect clean liquids for recycling usage. In
a complete set of solids control system, shale shaker is the first stage
machine to remove coarse solids from the drilling fluids which usually are over
100 microns; and then cyclones are the second and third treating machine to separate
solids over 25 microns out, and then decanter centrifuge is the final stage
machine for fine solids removal usually between 2 to 7 microns. When finishing
the solids removal process, the liquids will be clean enough to be reused. And
if needed, some chemical will be added.