GN Solids Control Drilling Waste Management System with Dewatering Unit Working in Singapore

As an expert of solids control system for oil and gas drilling and drilling waste management system, GN solids control designed a new system with dewatering unit for a Singapore client. Recently, GN engineer just came back with the working video of this dewatering and drilling waste management system from Singapore. 


Firstly, the water slurry in TBM will be treated by a double deck shale shaker: the upper shaker deck mounted with 2mm opening screen is to separate coarse solids; the bottom shaker deck with API 20 screens. After processed by the shale shaker, the slurry will be pumped into the desander, particles over 45 microns be separated out, meanwhile there will be an underflow shaker to dry the down flow stream with screen of API 200. Before slurry being delivered to the decanter centrifuge there will be a stream of flocculant prepared by the dosing system combining with the slurry, and then the mixed slurry will be delivered to the big bowl decanter centrifuge for dewatering process. The fine solids will be separated, leading to clean water and dry solids. Working video is available in the below link:

GN solids control is qualified to provide all solids separation equipment and system, normally including the below steps:

Step 1: over 100 microns particle be separated by shale shaker;

Step 2: 50-100 microns be separated by desander;

Step 3: 20-50 microns be separated by desilter;

Step 4: 2to10 microns be separated by medium and high speed decanter centrifuge;

While, if for ultra-fine solids between 0-2 microns, chemically enhanced centrifuge needed.

GN solids control always tries its best to find solutions for its client according to there requirements and problems, that why GN solids control system is well accepted by its customers.

Obtain Your Solids Control Equipment Choose GN Solids America

GN Solids America is set up in Houston Texas that is warehouse and purchase office. We’re investing to supply a full-range of solids control models and corresponding spares. Allow me to introduce what you can find from your warehouse

 1. GNZS 594 Shale shaker

 GNZS 594-HB model shale shaker is big capacity (140 m³/h or 616GPM) with 4 panel shaker screen. Unique patent rubber sealing between shaker screen and deck avoid the drilling liquids from overflow the shaker screen. US-made vibration motor provides Super G pressure and acceptable working performance. Explosion-proof control panel with CE, ISO and API compliant assure your safety

 2. GNZJ594E-2S12N mud Cleaner

 GNZS 594-HB model mud cleaner is big capacity (240m³/h or 1058GPM) with 2 teams of ten inch desander and 12 teams of 4 inch desilter. PU material for desander and desilter provide the positive working performance with longer service period. Adjustable deck position can be obtained from -1 ° to 5 °for different programs

 3. Jet Mud Mixer

 GN jet mud mixer that contains centrifugal pump and venturi hopper is mixing liquids with a number of chemical. Drilling liquids that are mixed by GN mud mixer effectively clean bottom hole, control the underside hole pressure and take care of with potential blow-out. Also, centrifugal pump is by using mechanical sealing and 100% exchangeable with Mission pump. Capacity of pump comes from 1408GPM to 200GPM. The hopper has got the 4 inch and 6 inch two size connections.

 4 Mud agitator and Mud Gun

 Both mud agitator and mud gun are used within the mixing tank. They effectively suspend all contaminants and stop drilling liquids sediment. GN mud gun has three mister nozzles which spread the liquids to all over. Working pressure can be 928PSI. GN mud agitator provide the double and single impeller to maximum blend all chemicals

 Discover more solids control employed by any project; make a connection with GN Solids American

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GN Solids Control: Top Manufacturer and 1st API certified in China

 Situated near to Beijing China Tower and Beijing International Airport, Hebei GN Solids Control enjoys a convenient location to attract foreign customers to visit GN factory and to established relationship. As the first 犀利士
href=””>API certified manufacturer of solid control equipment and system in China, GN solids control has a lot to say on the solids control system and equipment in oil and gas drilling field. Since established, GN has stick to the policy of striving higher quality and better service. With several year’s hard work, GN has also been certified by the CE by DNV. All these certificates indicates that GN Solids Control is a company worthy of trust and reliance.


GN manufactures and supplies solids control system for oil and gas drilling in various depth. In the whole set of solids control system for oil and gas drilling, generally there will be four stage treating equipment including shale shaker(1st stage), desander(2nd stage), desilter(3rd stage), decanter centrifuge(4th stage). Alternatively, the desander and desilter can be replaced by the mud cleaner with the combination of desander cyclones and desilter cyclone. And if the drilling is too deep, two sets of decanter centrifuge will be used. The one is medium speed, and the other is high speed decanter centrifuge. Beside solids control system , GN also supplies mud system for various kind of drilling, and drilling waste management system for drilling cuttings.

Besides high quality product, GN also supplies considerate service :

Pre-Sales: Free consultancy and design according to clients requirements, provide optimal proposal for individual clients. 
After Sales : Guarantee & Commissioning: GN Provide 1 year guarantee and free service for first time commissioning of system and training up clients engineer. 
Spare Parts: GN always have spare parts available in stock to ensure fast delivery.

GN Solids Control oil show in 2014 at a glance

GN Solids Control is worldwide supplier for solids control equipment & drilling waste management equipment. They have wide net sales all over the world. And they attend big and important oil show in different countries. What show they attend?  Let see the past year 2014 of GN Solids control oil show.

1) Beijing CIPPE 2014 Oil Show

As biggest oil show in the world with coming influence, Beijing CIPPE is known by more and more professionals in solids control field. From 2010, GN Solids control attend Beijing Oil Show and each year they can get some purchaser order or get some importance chance to link with international big buyers who are committed themselves in solids control service and drilling cuttings management service.

2) Iran oil show 2014

Formerly, GN want to attend Iran oil show in 2014, however, it was cancelled later because of conflict between Iran and America. Anyway, GN will attend Iran oil show 2015 and link with NIDC, NDC, and NIOC etc. International oil service companies.

3) Australia No-dig show 2014

Australia is country with large demand for no-dig equipment. GN Solids control compact mud system is much popular there and we have our agent TT Asia who can help us to market the place there. The demand from Australia is sustainable and big every year.

4) Shanghai CIPPE 2014

Shanghai CIPPE 2014 is a supplement for Beijing CIPPE 2014. This is for people who missed Beijing CIPPE 2014. We also attend Shanghai CIPPE each year in case any losing of valuable customers from overseas.

5) USA OTC oil show 2014

We are the first China solids control company who attend OTC from 2012. From then, we attend to OTC every year and the results are really good. We can compare with Derrick, Swaco, Nov Brandt etc. International solids control equipment supplier, and know the difference between us. Then, we can make up for the no good and optimize our Solids control equipment.

GN Solids control will also attend much oil show during 2015.  Let’s see GN Solids control 2015.

2014 GN Projects for Asia Market: Mud Recycling System for HDD and Tunneling

Hebei GN Solids Control is the top manufacturer in China of solids control equipment and system for oil and gas drilling. Besides solids control system, GN solids control is also the specialized in mud recycling system for HDD drilling, and tunneling. Different from solids control system, mud recycling system does not requires to separate the ultra-fine solids out, so normally there will be two or three stage treating equipment: shale shaker, desander, desilter.(sometimes, we use a double deck underflow shaker with the desander or desilter on the top to save cost and space; sometimes the mud cleaner will be adopted to save cost and space with the combination of desander and desilter)


This year, GN delivered one set mud system for a Hong Kong customer, this system included two sets of GN 4 panel shale shaker; one set of big capacity mud cleaner;one set of poor boy degasser, one set of vacuum degasser, and one set of conveyor, and also mud tanks. Click the below link for more details.

GN also delivered 500gpm mud system for trenchless drilling project in Thailand; two set of mud recycling system to India for HDD drilling with Vermeer rigs. One is 500 gpm with shale shaker and desilter; one is 350gpm with shale shaker and desilter. GN could supplies various treating capacity mud recycling systems for HDD drilling.


More importantly, GN designed and manufactured a whole set of TBM mud system with dewatering unit for a Singapore customer. This project requires a large treating capacity, so the biggest decanter centrifuge with capacity of 80 cubic meter per hour is adopted. And the dewantering unit is needed to make small solids aggregated into large ones and then to be processed by the decanter. GN is an expert in solids control and mud system.