GN Separation Participates in SMOPYC Mining Exhibition

GN Separation, a leading manufacturer of separation equipment, is pleased to announce its participation in the SMOPYC Mining Exhibition. The exhibition will take place at Feria Zaragoza, and GN Separation can be found at Hall 3, C 5-7.

As an expert in the field of separation technology, GN Separation offers a wide range of products that cater to the needs of the mining industry. One of the highlighted products at the exhibition will be the Linear Vibrating Screen GN-LMP1224. This innovative equipment is designed to efficiently separate and classify materials based on their particle size. With its high precision and reliability, the Linear Vibrating Screen is widely used in mining operations to improve productivity and reduce downtime.

In addition to the Linear Vibrating Screen, GN Separation will also showcase its polyurethane screen panels. These panels are known for their durability and resistance to abrasion, making them ideal for harsh mining environments. By incorporating polyurethane screen panels into their operations, mining companies can achieve longer screen life and lower maintenance costs.

The SMOPYC Mining Exhibition is an important event in the mining industry, attracting professionals and companies from around the world. It provides a platform for industry leaders to showcase their latest technologies and innovations. GN Separation is proud to be a part of this exhibition and looks forward to connecting with industry experts, potential customers, and partners.

Visitors to the GN Separation booth can expect to learn more about the company’s advanced separation solutions, as well as their commitment to delivering high-quality products and excellent customer service. The knowledgeable team will be available to provide detailed information, answer any questions, and discuss specific requirements.

GN Separation’s participation in the SMOPYC Mining Exhibition underscores their dedication to staying at the forefront of the mining industry. By continuously developing and improving their products, they aim to contribute to the efficiency and sustainability of mining operations worldwide.

For more information about GN Separation and their participation in the SMOPYC Mining Exhibition, please visit their official website:

In conclusion, GN Separation’s presence at the SMOPYC Mining Exhibition is an exciting opportunity to showcase their cutting-edge separation equipment. With their innovative technologies and commitment to customer satisfaction, GN Separation is poised to make a significant impact in the mining industry. Don’t miss the chance to visit their booth at Hall 3, C 5-7, and discover how their products can enhance your mining operations.

GN Solids Control LTD will be exhibit at CIPPE located in Beijing China 2018

The 18th China International Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition

Profile of exhibition

China International Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition (CIPPE) is an annual gathering of petroleum and petrochemical industry. With a magnificent exhibition space of around 90,000 square meter, 18 national pavilions, 1,800 exhibitors and over 110,000 professional visitors from 65 countries and regions.  CIPPE has become the largest petroleum exhibition in the world.

GN Solids Control LTD advantage is we are the solids control manufacture that made the whole  solids control machinery  our-self  plus we custom made the whole mud recycle system to meet specific project’s need for our customers.  Our customer are ensure we provide the solids control machinery to meet local environmental standard around the world and dealing with manufacture them self to ensure the best possible price to keep overall cost of rig operation as consist as possible.  We provide consist stocks of parts and tech personals ready at the request of customers by moment’s notice.  There are lots of manufactures in China who can make less-costly machinery and system but adding other facts for operation consideration, GN Solids Control LTD is the choice of obvious.

GN Solids Control LTD will exhibit at: New China International Exhibition Center, Beijing

  • Date: March 27 – 29, 2018
  • 88,Yuxiang Road,Tianzhu,Shunyi District,Beijing. Exhibition Hall E2, Booth E2168
  • GN Solids Control LTD will exhibit replacement brands shale shaker screen, decanter centrifuge, complete mud system, shale shaker and various pumps.

GN Solids Control LTD manufacture full lines of solids control machineries and its replacement shale shaker screen for itself and major brands.  .  We offer full lines of shale shaker screens in composite frame that will be acid resist and last longer than steel frame screen  in house to become single supply source of drilling operation.

To Meet with GN Team, pls Visit us in CIPPE & OTC

GN Booth: E2218 (Hall E2)
Schedule: March 20-22, 2017
Location: New China International Exhibition Center, Beijing (No.88,Yuxiang Road, Tianzhu, Shunyi District, Beijing)
This location is very close to Beijing airport, also GN factory. Welcome to visit GN yard in this time, or after the exhibition.
OTC 2017
No.1 Booth.: NRG  Center 1369-6
No.2 Booth: Arena 8834
1-4 May 2017
NRG Park Houston Texas
What you can find?
1. New Products
FHD decanter centrifuge, full hydraulic is an absent product for quite a long time, as there is no such products in China can be equal to the US / EU products. And lots of clients feedback to us that the hydraulic system from China is not so good. So for FHD centrifuge, the first thing you need to find is hydraulic gearbox.
Though this is not the only option, as some clients are using hydaulic motor, without gearbox running the centrifuge, whist the site is different, the motor they do not find from China either.
So as we did to the shale shaker, find a good shaker motor; we choose to source the same hydraulic gearbox as Rottadiff, we set a same starting point as US / EU products.
2. Big Bowl
Lots of suppliers are considering all the bowl bigger than 14in as big bowl centrifuge, this time we bring some real challanged products.
30in bowl, with ratio upto 4.2, which is our model GNLW764.
Lots of other improvment, too. Welcome to visit us in our booth in either exhibition.

Meeting with GN People in the Exhibition You Know, Make a Schedule Before it’s Late

GN Solids Control have joined many exhibitions in 2016, and met with clients from all over the world, if you are not one of them yet. Here is somethign you will not miss in future.
1. OSEA Singapore
Time: 29 Nov. ~2 Dec.
Location: Marina Bay Sands Singapore
GN booth: 1G5-01
Equipment: GNLW363D decanter centrifuge
2. Petro Tech 2016
Time: 4~7 Dec
Location: New Delhi India
Equipment: GNLW223D
Then you have probably already missed CIPPE, OTC, ADIPEC, Trenchless Asia, Iran Oil Show, Russia oil show etc.
A few questions you may want the answer before you come to meet with us:
1) What is NEW
Using our equipment, or not yet, you may want to know what we have done, the R&D. Well if you have kept tune with GN news, or following my linkedin, then you may have already noted all this.
This year, GN have released decanter centrifuges for all other industries, food, waste oil, farming etc.
Now GN can manufactur most of the popular screens with composite material frame, which tested in Russia, operating time is more than 500hours.
2) Who is your client, who have used your euqipment.
If you have download our presentation, you may noticed we list some of them.
Baker Hughes, the case study can be found here.
Baroid, Scomi, EMEC, COSL
3) What can you do in my projects
We will let you know what we normally did, with your comments, we will find the solution for you.
Follow George from Linkedin, get more recent updates.

Catch up in NEW DELHI India

GN is joining the Petro India exhibition in New Delhi, from the very start, GN have done very good in India market, thanks to all the support from clients there, we keep growing up our business. Though the market is not going very well, still we get a lot of potential there.

The exhibition is in
4th-7th December,2016
GN booth number is E13A, area is 15m2

This time we will bring a small centrifuge GNLW223 and some shaker screens. With updated model, a small sparrow showing the whole picture of the birds. With duplex SS bowl, tungstun carbide tiles screw protection, ceramic ring protection for solids discharge.
So GN keeps research and develop the best technology to manufacture top quality shaker screens for our clients. GN is able to make around 8000 PCs of shaker screens every month.

GN Solids Control can make different type of screens like:
Hook strip flat screen
Steel frame screen
Composite frame screen
Pyramid screen
Hook strip soft screen
Any replacement for other brand shale shakers:
Replacement screen for Derrick Shaker
Replacement Shaker Screen for MI-Swaco Shaker
Replacement Screen for NOV Brandt Shaker

Welcome to visit our booth and have more information there.