GN Solids control successfully participated in OTC 2019

Offshore Technology Conference has been the top exhibition for oil and gas technologies. It has been held for 50 years. With the 50th anniversary of OTC, petroleum industry welcomes an important event.

With its continued effort, GN Solids Control put forwarded new and updated products including. At the exhibition, GN Solids presented the following products:

  • shale shakers
  • decanter centrifuges
  • vacuum pumps
  • centrifugal pumps

GN Solids Control also bring a series of effectively profitable products to the exhibition, including:

  • oil sludge treatment systems
  • automatic tank cleaning systems
  • vertical cutting dryers
  • shale shaker screens, for GN shale shakers and as replacement screens for shale shakers of other brands.

Years of painstaking effort in research and development has been improving the quality, performance, variety and profitability of equipment & systems by GN Solids Control. Some of the products by GN Solids Control with good profitability are:

Long time oil field development activities left many seriously polluted areas in a good number of countries. Nothing can grow on such land and will eventually lead to ecological disaster. This is especially true in the un-developed countries where legislation is weak, so is law enforcement.

However, with ever growth awareness of environment protection, more and more attention is given to the remediation of such pollutions. Oil sludge treatment system from GN Solids Control provides an effective solution to solve this difficult situation.

Such systems take oil sludge, send it to pre-mixer, then convey it to shale shaker by GN. Discharged solids will be delivered to final disposal process. Recovered fluid will be pumped to another mixer for combine with chemicals so that the fluid can be treated with decanter centrifuge. Separated solids will be sent to final disposal process again, which the recovered fluid will be taken over to a 3 phase disc separator, where it will be separated into oil, water and solids.

This process can complete remediate seriously polluted land and can make it arable, for us, and for future generations.

One important thing is that, GN Solids Control can provide all the equipment required by such system and therefore can provide a cost effective and reliable oil sludge system for customers.

  • Automatic tank cleaning system

There are countless mud tanks and all kind of other tanks being used worldwide. Cleaning such tank is a major challenge to all the owners of such tanks.

These kind of tanks are used to be cleaned manually, which is pretty tedious and impose a serious risk to the cleaning people because usually the inside of the tanks is refined space and has limited accessibility, there might be toxic gas inside the tanks as well, which can endanger the life of people. In addition, the floor of such tanks is usually pretty slippery, dim, making the cleaning work very dangerous and time consuming.

Automatic tank cleaning system by GN Solids Control effectively solves this problem.

In such system, there is a buffer tank which supply chemical solutions to the cleaning head through a water booster. The cleaning head is inside the tank to be cleaned, and rotates at preset scanning pattern, making the chemical spray to cover all the surface of the tank. Flushed down dirt will be sucked up by a hose connected to a suction pump, which transfer the slurry from the tank to a inclined plate clarifier, where solids is separated from chemical solutions and pumped out through a membrane pump to skip, while the clean chemical solution will overflow to buffer tank, to provide washing material to the cleaning head inside mud tank.

This system is efficient, it can clean one tank in one hour including time to deploy the system. if no relocation is necessary, it can clean on tank in half an hour. It requires at most 2 operators and therefore one man-hour to clean a tank.

If such tank is cleaned by people, it takes 24 to 36 man-hour. In other word, it is 24 to 36 time more efficient than manual cleaning.

Let us do a calculation.

Regular wage for field worker is $50. 36 man-hour is $1,800. With GN automatic tank cleaning system, labor cost is $50, plus electricity, may be another $50.

GN Automatic tank cleaning system provide a very cost effective solution to the labor and cost intensive tank cleaning job.

You can find more information including videos for the field application of the above systems at this link.