GN Solids Control have manufactured a lot of CBM drilling mud systems, as the first one in China design and manufacture compact design system for HDD & CBM, over 30 mud system to Australia, where the rules are much more strict.
China is now focusing more and more on environmental protection, the regular is more strictly than most of the countries all over the world. Nowadays the mud system can not be just cozy, flexible, also need to be more strictly follow the regulations.
It is a very standard configuration of solids control system in this article, specifications as below:
1. GN very popular 3-panel screens design shale shakerGNZS703E-HB for coarse solids separation in the drilling fluids. Back type mud logging box effectively reduce the flow and the impact force onto the screen so that the shaker screen could be protected. The GNZS703E-HB is the updated shale shaker for many applications, 3shaker screens is easier to replace screens, higher efficiency.

GN Shale Shaker
2. The mud cleaner unit is equipped with same model drying under shaker for easy maintenance in future. 1 de- sanding and 8 de-silting cyclone is the very standard configuration what GN suggested for a treating capacity of 500GPM. To consider the transportation convenience, GN mud cleaner has a removable hydrocyclone frame in case somewhere has the transpiration height limitation. This mud cleaner will request 2 units sand pump for mud transferring, while the pump are also provided and installed on the tank.
3. This system was also equipped with GN 18 inch decanter centrifugeGNLW452C for fine solid particles separation. GN 18 inch decanter centrifuge has both fixed speed and VFD model. Few days before, Baker Hughes just got several units GN 18 inch VFD model centrifuge with Max speed up to 2800 rpm. Before a proper mud system could be GNMS-500GL, as centrifuge will not be the must. Well according new rules, we have to handle the mud to a cleaner character.
4. 3 mud tanks for all mud recycling, intermediate, and mud mixing process. Normally, GN will provide mud mixing unit with mixing hopper and pump unit installed on tank skid or a independent skid.
Keep tune to the performance feedback.