Australia Desanding Plant

Desanding plant is designed for piling rig which is belong to city foundation drilling. According to Australia piling industry, GN designed piling desanding plant for Australia accordling.

Piling Desanding Plant Technical Request

1. Need very compact design to minimum footpring

2. Don’t need separate very fine solids particals

3. Contains big stones or solids particals then oil drilling mud

4) Request fast moving and easy transport

5) No need for mud mixing

What Equipments Piling Desanding Planit Need?

1. Shale shaker with seive type shaker screen to separate big stones and larger solids particals.

2. 10-15" desander cones to separate sand and silimar solids particals

3. Compant mud tank to mud storage

4. Pump to transfer piling mud

GN has Australia branch also. Please visit GN Australia Web

regarding GN desander dirt weapons

MI-Swaco is among the top desander producer on the planet. MI-Swaco styles, companies as well as works an entire type of sophisticated shakers for those onshore as well as just offshore programs. Their own customers tend to be through all over the world. GN Solids Manage is definitely an API Licensed best Solids Manage Gear producer within The far east. Previously 5 many years. Using the Top quality as well as aggressive cost associated with GNs Gear, Numerous customers accustomed to buy shakers through MI-Swaco right now these people becomes to buy solids manage tools through GN. Particularly the actual shaker displays. GN not just produce desander desilter  but additionally produce shaker displays. GN can offer customers along with shaker displays for all your most widely used manufacturer shale shaker. Such as MI-Swacos shaker, Derricks shaker, and so on.

MI-Swaco ALS Shaker Display

GN supply MI-SWaco ALS shaker displays as well as Mongoose shaker displays to a lot of oversea customers each year. ALS shaker displays tend to be difficult connect remove display. With regard to Mongoose shaker displays, Right now all of us simply supply customers along with amalgamated materials mongoose shaker displays. Since it offers lengthier operating existence as well as greater overall performance. GN is the owner of an expert shaker display manufacturing plant that positioned in Anping the biggest cable nylon uppers middle associated with Asian countries. Anybody requirements MI-Swaco ALS shaker displays or even Mongoose shaker display. Make sure you really feel liberated to connection with GN Solids Manage.

To learn more information  about  us  make sure you connection with GN Solids Manage  visit  here :

Mud Tank System Working Application

Mud tank system is desined for recycling drilling mud and keep a good density and viscocityfor new mud drilling.

Mud Tank System Maintainance

1. Check temperature and keep sure all bearing is working well

2. Check pipelines and coonnections in good condition

3. Check bearing parts temerature regularly

Mud tank maintainance is very important to help mud tank system, please contact GN solids if your are using GN mud tank system

Main Parts Of Mud Tank System

1. 2 or 3 decks of shale shaker

2. Desander cones which is made by PU material

3. Desilter cones which is to separate solids above 20 microns

4. High speed or middle speed decanter centrifuge

5. Mud agitators install on mud storage tank

6. Mud tanks for mud recycling and mixing

Exactly how drilling mud system

desander, hydrocyclone separator, solids manage equipmentsPosted through George

. Desander may be the 2nd stage associated with solids manage tools. Although perhaps later on, because all of the professional anticipate it’ll despear, it’s right now nevertheless an essential a part of solids manage program.

The actual drilling mud system  using the centrifugal pump motor, occasionally it had been known as fine sand pump motor or even dirt pump motor. The actual centrifugal pump motor provide all of the dirt in order to desander, after that using the pressure associated with centrifuge, the actual dirt as well as drinking water had been seperated, whilst using the pounds associated with solids by itself, they’re divided.

The hydrocyclone offers 2 leaves about the axis: small about the base (underflow or even reject) as well as bigger at the very top (overflow or even accept). The actual underflow is usually the actual denser or even heavier small fraction, as the flood may be the lighter in weight or even more liquid small fraction.

GN dirt combining hopper, dirt hopper, operation ,mud system Posted through Doris This functions just like the actual picuter display. Once the drilling liquids set you back with the tube towards the cone, this revolves as well as right here the actual centrifuge arrives, after that it had been divided.If you wish to learn more: click the website.

Off Shore Drilling Mud System

Off shore drilling need higher standard drilling equipments, many drilling mud systems are build for on shore drilling only. GN just finished one off shore drilling mud system for a HK clients last week.

Main Components For Off Shore Drilling Mud System

1. Contains solids control equipments including shale shaker, desander, desilter, decanter centrifuge, pumps, mud tanks,etc

2. Mud pump suction line

3. Mixing suction and discharge pipeline

4. Mud gun line

5. Water line

Why Many Buyyers Choose GN For Mud system?

GN Solids is the most reliable manufacturer from China providing leading patent equipment. The equipment include solids control equipment, drilling waste managementequipment and shale shaker screen.

GN Solids can offer you customized design of solids control system as per customer requirement, especially for the layout of mud sytem with shale shaker, mud cleaner, centrifuge etc.

GN Solids have got many certificates, API certificate, ISO9001 Certificate, HSE certificate.

GN Solids can  offer fast response on jobsite equipment commissioning.

Based on this, but not limited to this, many drilling company, oil service company, rig company choose GN Solids.