Mud tank system is desined for recycling drilling mud and keep a good density and viscocityfor new mud drilling.

Mud Tank System Maintainance

1. Check temperature and keep sure all bearing is working well

2. Check pipelines and coonnections in good condition

3. Check bearing parts temerature regularly

Mud tank maintainance is very important to help mud tank system, please contact GN solids if your are using GN mud tank system

Main Parts Of Mud Tank System

1. 2 or 3 decks of shale shaker

2. Desander cones which is made by PU material

3. Desilter cones which is to separate solids above 20 microns

4. High speed or middle speed decanter centrifuge

5. Mud agitators install on mud storage tank

6. Mud tanks for mud recycling and mixing