GN MINI-screw press is a compact device that combines the advantages of mechanical and logical

GN-screw press equipment adopts advanced mechanical design concept, which makes it have excellent performance and stability, and can operate stably in various working conditions.

First of all, the mechanical structure of the GN MINI-screw press has been carefully designed, with high precision and rigidity. The stack structure can effectively improve the bearing capacity and stability of the equipment, so that the equipment can still maintain stable performance at high speed. In addition, the equipment uses high-quality materials and components, which guarantees its reliability and durability during long operation.

Secondly, the GN MINI-screw press  also has significant advantages in terms of logic performance. The device uses advanced control systems and sensors to achieve precise positioning and control. At the same time, the equipment also has intelligent fault diagnosis and early warning function, which can find and deal with problems in time to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

In terms of application, GN MINI-screw press folding machine is widely used in various machining fields, such as automobile manufacturing, aerospace, medical equipment and so on. The equipment can meet the processing needs of various complex workpieces, improve production efficiency and product quality.

In the market, GN MINI-screw press  folding machine has been recognized and praised by the majority of users with its excellent performance and advantages. The equipment has broad market prospects worldwide and provides efficient and reliable processing solutions for various enterprises.

In short, as a device with obvious mechanical logic performance advantages, GN MINI stack screw machine performs well in all aspects. It is believed that in the future development, the equipment will play its advantages in more fields and help various industries to achieve efficient and high-quality production goals.

GN centrifugal degasser for Global Drilling project

1.Global Drilling Solutions and project introduction.

1.1 Global Drilling Solutions Inc offer directional drilling, logging, mud logging and well testing, etc. operations based on the practical combination of advanced technologies. The integrate interpretation of data acquired from those operations provide solutions to a variety of geologic situations. We expand services globally and vigorously for general contracting of oil reservoir development, well stimulations, adjustment plan preparation and integrated project management of oil and gas field development. As a respected oil and gas company, we have outstanding professional abilities and rich practical experience in oil-gas field engineering and technical services.

1.2 Global Drilling Solutions provides a wide range of oilfield services for oil and gas wells drilling and work over operations, utilizing all types of tangible and intangible assets. Our business scope covers various processes of petroleum engineering and technical services and energy development. We provide integrated oil and gas well construction solutions for our clients from well design, drilling operation and mud services to well completion.

2. GN GN centrifugal degasser Features and brief introduction

2.1 GNLCQ300C centrifugal degasser is a new type degasser, specialized in processing gas cut drilling fluid. Normally it is installed after shale shaker and widely used in various solids control system, and it is very important for recovering mud weight, stabilize mud viscosity performance, reduce drilling cost. Meantime it can be used as a big power blender. Its advantages are large capacity, high rate of degassing, less area required, low energy consumption, easy operation and maintenance.

2.2 Via the rotating impeller, the degasser sucks the drilling fluid into the vessel. Thefluids will stay at a level higher than the gas cut drilling fluid and then a cylindrical liquid layer with inverted cone shape space in the middle will be formed.Drilling fluid is discharged from discharge port along a tangent line. With the impeller ro- tating, bubble breaks, gas will be extracted from liquid, and finally accumulate in the cone shape space as the lower density. Pressurizing unit(similar to exhaust fan) will suck air through the narrow channel between the air distribution disk and air separation ring into the discharge cone, and then gas manifold, braided hose and pressurized device to pressuring unit, finally discharge the gas out through pressuring device with pressure.