Polyurethane (PU) Material Cyclones

Cyclones will be installed on mud cleaner or desander desilter unit to cleaning drilling mud and separate solids particals out. Polyurethane (PU) material cyclones will be high abrasion resistant and longger working life

GN Solids Control is one of the top supplier for mud cleaners and desander desilter with PU material cyclones. Pease contact GN for inqury

Do I need a shale shaker for rotary drilling?

Many clients are not so clear on there requirement for shale shaker. They may ask: Do I need a shale shaker for my rotary drilling?

Normally a shaker with 200 mesh screen can separate 75 micron drilling cuttings. If you mud solids particals is larger than 75 microns, a shale shaker will help you on better performance. If you mud solids cparticals are finer than 75 microns, you may consider to running a desilter directly

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Work Over Drilling Rig Mud System Specials

When supplier offer work over drilling rig mud system proposals, they may ignore a very important spec ,the mud flow inlet to shale shaker.

GN Mud Recycling system for work over rig

Normally customer will raise rig a bit like 2300mm height from ground to shaker buffer box inlet. They may need a lower mud tank in this case

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