GN Decanter Centrifuge for India Bio gas plant waste sludge separation project

1.Project Description

1.1BoxLNG is an Indian Company focusing on developing Low Carbon Distributed Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) Production Plants across India. We are looking to procure Dewatering Machine (Solid Liquid Separator/ Filter Press) for a Multi-Feedstock Biogas plant for Prees Mud, Chicken Litter, Cattle Dung, Rice straw, Food & Vegetables MSW etc.,treatment and separation.

1.2 The origin and geographic location of the waste BIOGAS PLANT Organic Waste & Agriculture Waste including Cattle dung, press mud, chicken litter, Rice straw, Vegetable & food, Spent wash & MSW). the makeup of the waste,Water with Organic Waste Slurry.The maximum solids size or Particle Size.Maximum Size 20 – 10 mm.The challenge or problem of the current situation is challenging for Solid liquid Separator Maximum 50-60% of Solid Removal / (12 -15 % Solid) Form diagestate Tank.

The process and equipment is being used on location at present. And the performance now is Solid Liquid Separation Process and Solid Liquid Separator with Maximum 50-60% of Solid Removal

2. The GN two phase Decanter Centrifuge feature and advantage introduction.

2.1 Introduction of GN two phase Decanter Scroll Discharge Centrifuge:

The centrifuges made by our factory can clarify,dehydrale and classify the suspensiens with 0.002-3mm solid Phase particles. As structure features,the products two-phase classification. It

is suitable to separate various materials under different working conditions

2.2 Separation and dehydration of industrial and domestic sewages.Such as, Washing and dehydration of starch,Dehydration of soybean wheat proteins,Dehydration offish meal and fish,Dehydration of brewers’ grains, Purification of juice and dehydration of fruit fiber. Separation and punlication of animal and vegetable oil, Separation and purification of coal tar, Clarification and purification of gypsum, Classification and dehydration of starch, Classification and dehydration of Kaolin and graphic, Classification and dehydration of dyes and pigments, .Classification and dehydration of mineral thick liquid

GN Disc separator to remove Cambodia excess water from the salt surface project

1. Project Description

1.1 LeangEy from B Scientific Instrument.Currently, we have a collaboration with the University that wishes to use the hydro-extractor to remove extra oil or water from food materials.Therefore, please let us know if you have distributors in Cambodia that can supply this product.

1.2 It is suitable for small batch production or laboratory sample test. Whole machine is made of high quality stainless steel, can get different grinding fineness by replacing the stainless steel sieves.Function of The hydro extractor helps remove extra oil or water from food materials.

Important features:Time controller and Centrifuge speed controller.Required machine Material:Stainless steel 304-316 made by material which resistant with high salt content sample.

Capacity10-15kg per batch.Voltage220V.Power 4KW.Size:38×30×21mm.Speed  adjustment range:100-5000rpm.Timing control range:1 – 6000 min.Screen size(basket size):0.1mm, 0.5mm, 1.0mm, 1.5mm, and 2.00mm.Power Source:Electric

2.The GN Disc separator description and technical parameters  

2.1 GF model: GN 3 phase disc stack separator is a high-speed, stable, sealed, efficient, and automatic slag discharge 3 phase separation equipment. It is widely used for liquid, liquid, solid 3-phase separation or liquid-liquid separation. The 2-phase solid-liquid separation disc separator has only one liquid discharge port and one slag discharge port, while the 3-phase disc separator has two liquid discharge ports and one slag discharge port, which can separate two liquids with different specific gravity at the same time. It can also discharge solid phase materials. Compared with the 3 phase decanter centrifuge, the 3 phase disc separator has larger rotation speed and G force.

2.2 The 3 phase decanter centrifuge usually has a separation factor of about 3000G, while the 3 phase disc stack separator G force is up to 12000G. Therefore, the 3 phase disc separator can more thoroughly separate liquids with different specific gravity and the liquid phase discharged is more clarified. However, compared to 3 phase decanter centrifuges, 3 phase disc separator is more used to separate materials containing fine particles, with less solids content. So before entering the 3 phase disc separator, the material can separated by the decanter centrifuge for pre-stage separation to reduce the solids content and remove big particles.

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1.1 The Centrifuge design Bench Top Maximum RPM with no load 6000, Number of steps of RPM Variation available in the settings (correspondingly RCF also varies) 100 RPM setting accuracy plus minus 5% .Type of Motor Brushless.Type of lid lock Electronic lid locking with automatic lid opening at end of run Maximum Noise level when working at 1 meter distance in db 65 Ambient operating Temperature range in Degree centigrade Celsius and humidity range 0 to 50 and Relative humidity 15 to 90% .Rotor imbalance diagnostics and automatic stop if required .No of acceleration and deceleration profiles in built for rotor speed while automatic braking. Acceleration & Deceleration time to be less than 15 sec

1.2 Maximum timer set point 60 minutes Parameters to be displayed by the digital display RPM, RCF, set time, Run time, Rotor running indication, imbalance. if any Speed controller Microprocessor controlled pre-programmed speed controller which can control RPM as well as RCF Speed Control tolerance in case of set speed (Plus minus RPM) in percentage 20 Temperature controller Microprocessor based PID Digital temperature controller cum Indicator, (With LCD Display) to control the Temperature from +40 to -20℃

1.3 Type of Tubes which can be used with centrifuge machine Polypropylene Centrifuge tubes and Glass centrifuge tubes. Size of rotor supplied with centrifuge in ml.Maximum RCF 4800 Refrigerant should be CFC free .Temperature of refrigerator in degree Celsius 0 to 40 and relative humidity is 15 to 80% Cooling arrangement.

2.GN High Speed Tubular Centrifuge features and Advantages

2.1GN High Speed Tubular Centrifuge is a kind of fine separation equipment, which is especially suitable for the solid-liquid separation of suspensions with thin concentration, fine particles and small solid-liquid weight difference, or liquid-liquid-solid separation. It is necessary equipment for Industries of pharmaceutical, food, chemical, and biological products, fermentation broth, beverages, blood products, etc. Its working principle is based on the centrifugal force to make the materials of different specific gravity receive different forces, so as to achieve the purpose of separation.

2.2 High Speed Tubular Centrifuges is artificial slag removal equipment, and the processing capacity is limited, so it is generally used for working conditions with low solid content and relatively small processing capacity.