Waste Treatment System for Beijing Project

This is a quite popular design, with a scalping shaker, and a decanter centrifuge for the real separation. More and more clients comes to us for this sort of set up, not only we have the best decanter centrifuge, also the design is quite applicable for many didferent purpose.
Tank cleaning, tunneling sludge treatment, pipe jacking slurry recycling etc.
The basic componets including below:
1)    High G Drying shale shakers
2)    Chemical Dosing System
3)   Decanter Centrifuge
4)    Skid Mounted Mud Tank
5)    Feeding Pumps and transfer pumps.
The principle is simple, with old logic, separate them step by step, scapling shaker is  high Dryer shaker is with G force up to 8.0 G, and the 4 panel shaker screens with composite frame increase the conductance and performance.
Then the high speed GN popular decanter centrifuge. GN decanter centrifuge and feed pump is VFD drive which is capable to adjust bowl speed, differential speed, and pump feeding capacity. This allows the operators to select the best parameters for the treatment of different density of drilling fluids.
This system is designe for easier transportation, 40ft length, height in the road limit. equipment easy to be disassembled if needed. A step lower design keep this trouble less than you expected.

A Customized Environment Waste Management Solution

Various Waste
Now China is like old UK, we got many problems with coal usage, we knew it, trust me, we knew it, and still, we are on the old track, having the same problem, maybe not a tragedy yet, but close.
For environment problems, we need to handle much more than coal, different pollution comes to us before we realized it was our price for developing.
And we never realized that when we did it, at least we never thought it was a problem.
2016-12-08-oil-sludge-treatment-system 2016-12-08-oil-slurry-separation
Lucky now we know, now we wake up, in the smoke, we are trying to repair, find solution for the damaged planet. The biggest job we can handle is not so related to air pollution, or water pollution, it is part of them, and fortunatly we are part of it.
This time a client comes to us, need to separate the waste, even for this project, waste from different place. With differnt size particles.
Solutions From GN
When we analyse the site waste, from pictures, samples, we decided to use a system, which contains a shale shaker, and a decanter centrifuge. Shale shaker for dispose most of the big ones, then centrifuges with foluccent maybe, maybe not, to separate the small ones, to reuse water at the same time.
About This System
For thic specific project, we are using GNZS594E shale shaker, with G force upto 7, and armed with composite material screens to increase the equipment life time. For the centrifuge, we are using most popular model GNLW363CG-VFD, SS2205, tungstun carbide tiles screw etc.
This same logic is widely open sourced, can be extend to different similar ideas, different shaker, different centriruge, also work.

2sets Decanter Centrifuges to Latin America

If you have some good products like them, and have a little lower price, I mean not a big price gap but not in good equipment condition, quality, you will have perfect market. A lot of clients keep telling us this same story, and that is how it works, when you have a good product, and fair price, it works.
1)    GN Solids Control build the decanter centrifuge with best material for not only performance but also durability. The bowl of the decanter centrifuge is Duplex stainless steel made from centrifugal casting. The screw inside the bowl is made from Stainless steel with reparable Tungsten carbide tiles for protection.
161214-mud-decanting-centrifuge 161214-solids-conrol-centrifuge
2)    High Speed and good balance: Because we use the most advanced CNC machines to process the parts for the centrifuge, and also GN is one of the few companies who has 3 stage balancing technology, include middle speed dynamic balance at 1800RPM and high speed dynamic balance at exactly the centrifuge operation speed.
3)    Cost effective, we never make the lowest price centrifuge
GNLW363CG is most popular model of centrifuge for drilling fluids solids control. Every year, GN make over 100 sets of the 14inch decanter centrifuge for the oilfield solids control and waste management. GN Solid Control just complete several solids control decanter centrifuge with feed pumps for Latin America oilfield Service Company. Those centrifuges are the GNLW363CG premium decanter centrifuge with 14 inch bowl. The speed of the GN 14 inch decanter centrifuge is up to 3900RPM, normally is 3200RPM for drilling fluids solids control.
This time one client from Latin America purchased 2 units centrifuge, for solids control. We keep many centrifuges in stock, which make the delivery time very short even with the nearly 2 month sea shipping.