Drilling mud system is well used in drilling industry, but what a drilling mud system do and what’s the applications?

Drilling mud system is working for solids separation from driling mud and control mud density and viscosity for re-use, so it’s named drilling mud recycling system. But why a mud system should do this job?

  1. Suitable drilling mud will help keep well pressure
  2. Drilling mud will connect with oil&gas directly, suitable mud will help protect oil and gas
  3. There normally contains oil and other chenimcals in drilling mud, so mud system will help to recycling and re-use to decrease polution
  4. Drilling mud will help bring drilling cuttings out
  5. Drilling mud help cool down drill bit
  6. According to drilling mud change, people can help know info under ground in well

A Drilling Mud System Contains:

  1. Drilling mud recycling machine like shale shaker, desander, desilter and decanter centrifuge.
  2. Mud tanks for mud storage and transfer
  3. Mixer for mixing new drilling mud for re-use
  4. Mud agitator to avoid mud settling down