desander, Shale shaker,desilter produced by GN solids control can be used for solids removal projects, whatever the project is, if only you need to remove big solids from the fluids/mud/slurry, these equipments can help. Depends on the different mesh size, the shale shaker can separate different points. In the traditional solids control system, shale shaker can separate 400 microns, desander can dispose sands and some small waste, desilter cone can separate 25 microns and decanter centrifuge is the last cleaning phase which can separate fine solids up to 2 microns.

For non- solids control projects, if you would like to analyse if desander can be used for your projects, you need to answer the questions below:

1 What is the biggest solids size in the slurry/fluids?

2 What is the minimum solids size remained in the desander?

3 What is the solids content by weight?

4.all desander Manual also is GN desander Codes & Standards?

Extra questions will be required according to different application. Welcome to contact GN solids America.