1000HP drilling rig will require solids control equipment for drilling mud recycling and storage. GN just finished one set to Poland end of last month.

Before design a set of solids control system, you need confirm bellowing questions:

  1. Mud flow requirement. This need confirm to choose shale shaker and desander desilter
  2. If vacuum degasser required
  3. How many set of decanter centrifuge require
  4. High speed decanter centrifuge or middle speed or both?
  5. Mud tank holding capacity needed
  6. Mud tank dimention limit and requirement
  7. Mud tank compartment required
  8. Jobsite layout and jard limit to design mud tank layout
  9. Mud suction line size and outlet position to suilt mud pump
  10. If need tank roof or not
  11. Other special request

GN Solids is one of the leading solids control eqipment suppllier, please contact us freely for inquiry or techinical.