GN Separation: GNLW364 Sludge Dewatering Centrifuges Used in Overseas Municipal Sludge Dewatering Project


In the realm of wastewater treatment, GN Separation is at the forefront, delivering efficient and reliable solutions for sludge dewatering. Recently, three GNLW364 sludge dewatering centrifuges were deployed in an overseas municipal sludge dewatering project, showcasing their superior performance and versatility. The GN T series decanter centrifuge, renowned for its innovative design and exceptional dewatering capabilities, is the cornerstone of this project.

GN T Series Decanter Centrifuge

The GN T series decanter centrifuge features a beach angle of 8.5 degrees, specifically designed for dewatering and thickening purposes. This design is particularly effective for meeting the stringent dewatering requirements of municipal and industrial wastewater sludge. The T series decanter centrifuge excels in handling materials that require easy separation, such as those with large particle sizes, significant solid-liquid density differences, low viscosity, high concentration, high treatment capacity, and higher dryness than clarity.

Key Features and Advantages

  1. Optimized Beach Angle: The 8.5-degree beach angle extends the drying and dewatering area, enhancing the overall dewatering performance. This results in much drier solid materials being discharged.
  2. Superior Material Construction: The centrifuge’s shaft caps and bowl are made from duplex stainless steel SUS2205 or SUS2304, offering superior performance compared to SUS304 and SUS316. This construction avoids intergranular corrosion and ensures a complete residual stress release.
  3. Efficient Screw Blade Design: The screw blade, formed by CNC spiral blade equipment, provides higher slag conveying efficiency. The gradual change type blade can significantly improve transport and pressing efficiency, resulting in drier solids.
  4. Enhanced Separation Efficiency: The large beach angle and medium pitch, combined with the BD baffle plate, optimize the separation of the dewatering zone from the sedimentation zone. This configuration results in clearer separated liquids and larger processing capacities with reduced energy consumption.
  5. Wear Resistance: The solid discharge port features a wear-resistant tungsten carbide sleeve, ensuring high durability and longevity.
  6. Flexible Liquid Pool Adjustment: The overflow weir plate design allows for easy and flexible adjustment of the liquid pool depth, catering to various material dryness and clarity requirements.
  7. User-Friendly Design: For small models, the collection box cover is supported by a gas spring for safety and ease of access. Larger models feature a labor-saving lid opening device, enabling a single person to lift the lid, reducing labor intensity and facilitating maintenance.
  8. Advanced Bearing System: The main bearings are equipped with a hydraulic disassembly structure, significantly reducing the tension required for bearing removal, thus minimizing the risk of damage.
  9. Precision and Balance: Each centrifuge undergoes high-precision CNC machining and multiple dynamic balance treatments to ensure stable operation at high speeds.
  10. Robust Screw Propeller: The screw propeller, protected by replaceable wear-resistant alloy plates, offers long service life and easy maintenance. Certain models feature an open-type screw blade, enhancing processing capacity.
  11. Compact Motor Arrangement: The two motors are positioned at one end of the centrifuge, saving space and simplifying operation and maintenance while preventing motor damage from material leakage.
  12. Premium Bearings and Lubrication Systems: The centrifuge uses high-end SKF series bearings and can be equipped with an automatic lubrication system to ensure reliable lubrication and extended bearing life.
  13. Comprehensive Monitoring and Alarm System: The centrifuge is equipped with a monitoring system that tracks various operational parameters in real time. It provides automatic protection and alarms in case of abnormalities, ensuring the safety of both personnel and equipment.
  14. Advanced Electric Control Panel: The stainless steel electric control panel is equipped with globally recognized VFD, PLC, HMI, and other components. GN can also provide VFD control panels with explosion-proof certifications.

Applicable Materials

The GN T series dewatering decanter centrifuge is versatile and can handle a wide range of materials, including:

  • Drilling mud
  • Environmental protection sewage
  • Oily sludge
  • Cutting fluid
  • Sand washing water
  • Mineral washing water
  • Various industrial wastewaters (e.g., chemical, printing and dyeing, construction, tunnel, mine)
  • Organic and aquaculture wastewater
  • Municipal and river sludge
  • Water plant and lake sludge
  • Kaolin grading
  • Calcium carbonate, bentonite, silica
  • Titanium dioxide, calcium sulfate, barium sulfate
  • Conductive film glass polishing solution
  • Aluminum hydroxide, cryolite, silicate
  • Oil sand separation, landing oil, oil sludge
  • Coal tar, inorganic fertilizer
  • Chinese medicine extraction (e.g., taxus chinensis, honeysuckle, licorice)
  • Salt crystals clarification, concentration, and dehydration


The deployment of three GNLW364 sludge dewatering centrifuges in the overseas municipal sludge dewatering project underscores the effectiveness and reliability of GN Separation’s T series decanter centrifuges. With their advanced design, superior material construction, and user-friendly features, these centrifuges are well-equipped to handle the demanding requirements of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.