Revolutionizing Material Screening with GN Separation’s Large Flip-Flow Vibrating Screen

At GN Separation, we are committed to providing cutting-edge solutions to meet your material separation needs. One of our standout products is the GN Large Flip-Flow Vibrating Screen, a state-of-the-art piece of equipment designed to handle the most challenging screening tasks with exceptional efficiency and reliability.

Key Features of GN Large Flip-Flow Vibrating Screen

The GN Large Flip-Flow Vibrating Screen is meticulously engineered with the following components:

  • Box Type Exciter
  • Main Vibrating Screen Frame
  • Floating Screen Frame
  • Shear Spring and Damping Spring
  • Flexible Polyurethane Screen Mesh
  • Support and Driving Device

These components work in unison to ensure that the screen operates with a linear running amplitude, providing a robust and efficient screening process.

Advanced Design for Superior Performance

Double Mass Near Resonance Principle

Our Flip-Flow Vibrating Screen leverages the principle of double mass near resonance. This design enables the floating screen frame to achieve large amplitudes, allowing the screen surface to deliver material with an acceleration of up to 50 G. This high acceleration is crucial for effectively screening medium and fine-grained materials, especially those that are wet, sticky, or otherwise difficult to screen.

Technical Features and Advantages

  • Non-Welded Wallboard: The screen machine wallboard is crafted from high-strength alloy steel plate, which offers superior impact toughness. The use of imported Huck rivets for hydraulic tension assembly eliminates residual stress from welding.
  • Optimized Structure: Through finite element analysis, we have optimized the screen’s structure and vibration parameters to avoid natural frequencies and reduce resonance impacts, thereby extending the machine’s service life.
  • Innovative Beam Design: The cross beam under the screen uses a rectangular tube design, while the exciting beam box structure is lightweight, strong, and tough. Post-welding heat treatment of main components effectively eliminates welding stress.
  • Adjustable Amplitude: The amplitude of the floating screen frame can be adjusted by changing the number of shear springs.
  • High-Efficiency Exciter: Our helical gear box type exciter delivers a super large exciting force with ultra-low noise, stable operation, and a long service life. The external arrangement of the eccentric block allows for easy amplitude adjustments by changing the counterweight setting.
  • Convenient Screen Mesh Replacement: The polyurethane screen mesh is installed by pressing, making replacement more convenient. The mesh’s elastic deformation provides self-cleaning functionality, effectively preventing clogging by fine, wet, and viscous materials.

Working Principle of Flip-Flow Vibrating Screen

The Flip-Flow Vibrating Screen operates on the principle of double mass near resonance, where a single drive generates double vibration:

  1. Primary Vibration: The main vibrating screen frame is driven by the exciting force to perform the basic vibration.
  2. Secondary Vibration: The floating screen frame, connected to the main frame via shear springs, performs relative movement in a near-resonance state.

One end of the polyurethane screen mesh is fixed to a fixed beam, while the other end is attached to a floating beam. The relative motion between these beams causes the screen to continuously stretch and relax, delivering high acceleration to the material. This motion ensures that the material is thoroughly loosened and able to pass through the screen, achieving effective separation. The screen mesh’s elastic deformation during this process helps to keep the screen clean by throwing off wet and sticky materials.


The GN Large Flip-Flow Vibrating Screen is an exemplary solution for dry screening of medium and fine-grained materials, as well as for managing wet and sticky substances. Its innovative design and technical advantages make it a reliable and efficient choice for industries looking to improve their material screening processes.

At GN Separation, we are proud to offer this advanced screening technology to meet your most demanding separation challenges. Contact us today to learn more about how our Flip-Flow Vibrating Screen can enhance your operations.