In this article,
we will mainly talk about the desander’s working principle. 

Desander, one of
the most widely used solids control equipments used on treating the drilling

As we know, with
the drilling fluid circulates the drilling cuttings chipped away by the
drilling bit continuously when the drilling rig is working, the different sizes
of drilling cutting goes into the drilling fluid and the physical properties of
drilling fluids will be changed, such as the density, viscosity, solid content,
etc. The drilling fluid could not meet the further work demand. 

In order to save
the cost and protect the environment, in most of the time the drilling fluid
needs to be recycled. Now the Desander and some other necessary solids control
equipments like Shale Shaker, Desilter, Decancter Centrifuge will be worked
together for treating and cleaning the drilling fluid. By through treating the
drilling fluid, the different sizes of drilling cuttings will be separated out
and the physical properties of drilling fluid will be recovered.

According to the
technical design, the Desanders made by GN Solids Control company are usually
used for separating out the solids particles over 40μm in the fluid loop. 

Normally the desander
is used for doing the 2nd-stage treatment with the drilling fluid that after
the 1st-stage treatment by Shale Shaker. The main part of 1 desander is the
Hydrocyclone. Its work principle is as below,

pumping the treated drilling fluid by Shale Shaker to the Desander and the
fluid goes into the Hydrocyclones of desander; 

by the centrifugal force and as the centrifugal forces are different for the
solid particles and liquid. 

the solid particles will be drained out together with some liquid from the
underflow port together; the clean drilling fluid will be drained out from the
overflow port.

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