From the beginning of 2015 to the present, the price of crude oil is like a roller coaster, falling sharply and then rising again and then falling. It is testing everyone’s heart durability. Recently, oil prices seem to be a bit more stable than before. West Texas Intermediate oil prices fluctuate between $45 and $50. Well, this seems to be better than the price dropped below $30 earlier this year. But it is still far below the price that oil companies can make. Everyone is struggling, no one is willing to give up, if we can’t make money, we need to do our best to find out how to save money. As a leader in the solids control business, GN Solids Control can help you save money and survive difficult times.

As an important part of the drilling system, the solid control system plays a vital role in the whole process. If properly managed, the solids control system can save you a lot of mud costs, consumables and equipment purchase costs. GN’s equipment comes from Shale shaker, desanders, desilters, mud cleaners, decanter centrifuges, mixers, centrifugal pumps, mud guns and various tanks, all of which are cost effective and value for money. There are several advantages to GN that can reduce equipment prices. GN has now implemented consumables such as large-scale manufacturing equipment and screens. This helps reduce procurement costs, reduce labor costs and increase efficiency. If the quantity is large, this will also reduce transportation costs. All GN equipment is armored and easy to transport, which will save a lot of money. The recent exchange rate of the US dollar against the Chinese yuan has increased, which will make equipment prices more competitive. GN’s new facility No. 2 has been put into operation, mainly for the manufacture of vibrating screens, which will improve GN’s manufacturing capabilities, good quality control and delivery time control. It will ultimately reduce costs and bring more benefits to customers. We will do our best to help your business succeed. Welcome to and send your questions to