No Dig 500GPM Mud Cleaning System To CPP

500GPM mud cleaning system is the very tipical size for No Dig drilling rig. GN just finished 2 sets 500GPM No Dig mud cleaning system to CPP and ready for delivery next week.

Why A Mud Cleaning System Wil Be Required For Drilling Rig?

  1. To separate drilling cuttings our from drilling mud, so that it can be re-used to save cost
  2. To add new chemicals and keep mud suitable density and viscosity
  3. Environment requirement make you hard to get rid of dirty mud only clean water

Standard Parts And Requirement For No Dig Mud Cleaning System From CPP

  1. One set GNZS703 shale shaker with max 7.5 G force and 3 pc shaker screen
  2. One set GNZJ703 mud cleaner with one desander cone and 8 desilter cones
  3. 2 sets centrifugal pump sit on tank sid for mud transfer
  4. One set mud tank with compact desigh for small footprint
  5. Walkways and handrails that can be folded on tank side
  6. Control panels fix on tank without disassemble when moving

Please visit GN Web for details equipment spec and more news

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