Performance Report: Efficient Recovery of Loss Prevention Materials by GN model Shale Shaker Results in Reduced Treatment Cost Challenge: Excessive fluid loss is considered the most typical and pricey problems experienced throughout drilling methods. Just one way of controlling these deficits is simply by placing the crook zones with Loss Prevention Material. These special sized chemicals are introduced to the drilling fluid, and through differential pressure, are attracted to the formation to bridge the voids. The  that isn’t attracted to the formation will usually be moved away from the wellbore while using fluid returns.


GN America company have been trying to explore new technologies.Good drilling practices dictate the shaker screens needs to be sized as fine as you can to eliminate as much low gravity solids as you can. However, traditional shale shaker equipment cannot preferentially screen the larger sized  within the finer drilled solids, so both finish off being disposed of in the shaker resulting in elevated  replenishment and solids disposal costs for your operator. Clearly an even more cost-effective option is required for well bore strengthening programs where high amounts of specific sized  are essential.

The GN model Shale Shaker can be a multi-deck shaker made to supply efficient solids separation employing a top scalping deck and a pair of primary lower decks to be used in series or possibly in parallel configuration. The series or recovery configuration allows solids being progressively and preferentially examined, therefore at the same time recouping  and cleansing the drilling fluid of undesirable solids. This can be accomplished by processing the drilling fluid using a top scalping deck to eliminate the cuttings, a middle deck to recoup  that’s returned towards the active fluid system, together with a bottom deck to discard the LGS and degraded , which are dangerous to grime performance. This preferential separation results in less overall product consumption, less waste minimizing cost. 

Testing happened throughout drilling methods at 21,542 feet (6,566 m). A diesel-oil-based  fluid system produced for wellbore stabilization getting a diamond ring stress enhancement treatment that consists of sized calcium carbonate and artificial carbon products was applied. The  was retrieved within the center deck and fine pollutants were disposed of towards the bottom deck. The trial was completed employing a  1 degree shaker position and five screen designs as proven in Table 1. All tests were completed with grime weighing 14.5 lb/lady and under similar drilling conditions: 2 feet/hr rate of transmission, 275 lady/min flow rate and 21,542 feet average depth.

The GN model Shale Shaker has proven to become a impressive tool to clean diesel-oil-based drilling fluid while recouping and returning for the fluid many of the useful for wellbore strengthening. Particularly and under current area conditions, the machine could: 

Effectively recover a substantially large energy of  therefore lowering the cost of treatment. 

Remove undesirable fine pollutants that are dangerous to grime performance. 

Return an designed particle size distribution towards the active fluid system to boost well bore strengthening material effectiveness. Our Website has more information related to the shakers.