GN Liquid Mud Plant

GN Solids Control can design and manufacture different size of liquid mud plant according to customer demand. GN can design and build several types of tank, such as vertical tanks, rectangular tank, round tanks, etc. The Liquid mud plant is used to manipulate (mix, dilute, treat, adjust) various drilling fluids to be used in wells supported by this Supply Base. Normally it expanded drilling waste management (DWM) processing, typically in the form of centrifuges used to treat used mud that has been back-loaded to the supply base. OSV (offshore supply vessels) are used to transport any drilling or completion fluids to and from the LMP that cannot be mixed up or treated on location. The LMP is in place for one primary purpose is to Keeping good mud properties in the well-bore.

Tank Types for Liquid Mud Plant

Oil Based Mud Tank

Water-based Mud Tank

Base Oil Tank

Water Tank

Brine tank (Fiber Glass Tank or Coating protection)

Bulk Tank

Mud Mixing Tank

Equipment used for Liquid Mud Plant

Normally, a decanter centrifuge made by GN Solids Control will be used for solids control of the drilling mud. Sometimes, clients will require a shale shaker for coarse solids removal. The mud agitators are mounted on the mud storage or mixing tanks for agitation of the mud to prevent the silting of the solids in the fluids. Sometimes, GN mud guns will be needed for agitation especially for the Conner of the mud tank. The mud mixing and chemical adding are done by Mud mixing hoppers and centrifugal pumps. GN Solids Control manufactures the decanter centrifuge, shale shaker, mud agitator, mud gun, centrifugal pump and mud mixing hoppers for the liquid mud plant.

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