It was not a good story, at this age, in the colleage time, when we heard of made in China, it is a shame, it is a joke. So when we go out to the real world, wanna find something we can be proud of, or change something to be. That is how I come here and stay so long time.

GN Team

GN Solids Control organized overseas tour for our excellent employee from engineering and production departments.There are two group, one group to Thailand, the other group to Europe. GN Select the excellent employees based on contribution, value recognition and loyalty to the company.

Then when we discuss with others, we know that thank god we are thinking in a simple way about the world, that high quality matters, no matter what background, what big untouchable clients, quality matters, cost matters. That is how basically the world works. So back to where we start, that is always we value.

As someone would say, employer is the client of employee. GN beleive the excellent employees are the core assets to the company. We take care of our employees, respect them, and offer them good salary and bonus. We know it’s our exccellent employees who delivered the value to customers. Every year, GN will select the best employees and offer them both material and spirit reward.

That is how we call it one team, one dream.


GN Nodig