IADC contains most of the companies involved in the worldwide upstream petroleum industry and have four types of membership.


Contractor – companies who own and operate land or offshore drilling rigs.
Producer – companies engaged in exploring for and producing oil, natural gas, or geothermal energy.
Associate – service companies, equipment manufacturers, consultants, and academic and/or training institutions.
Well Servicing – companies who own and operate well servicing equipment.
Well except google, IADC is one of the best places that to source suppliers, contractors, trading partners, etc. Since their membership is open to any company involved in oil and gas exploration, drilling or production, well servicing, oilfield manufacturing or other rig-site services. You almost have any kind of companies you want there.
IADC also hold many different events, meetings, to help drilling people meet somewhere together, to exchange infomation, or finally except to meet at your place, or my place, you have a third option. To have a even bigger meeting, with more people, have some more productive days.
Except a database, IADC also have a lot of technique resource etc.
This is the first time that GN list ourselves in this database, to be a member, but we may keep this, to be easier found by drilling associates. We also very proud to find a lot of partners, customers in the same listing.
For more information, visit IADC websites: www.IADC.org or www.DrillingContractor.org.

GN Nodig