Centrifuges is widely used for oil gas driling, piling projects. In whihch applications, big bowl is more and more popular, eg. 30in decanter centrifuge GNLW764 from GN Solids Control is known to more and more piling contractors. In this CIPPE 2017, GN will bring one unit to Beijing.

As for HDD projects, lots of people have tried, but it is not quite modularized, as too many different requirement based on that. For the strict applicaition, GNLW553, GNLW554 should be good options, because of the high flow capacity. Polymer is a good help for the not too high speed, concentrate the small solids, while lots of places do not like chemicals in disposal.
So what do we need in HDD mud system, that depends, but basically a few points as listed:
– recycle the water
– reuse the solids
– dump the solids (with / without chemical)
– dump water to water treatement plant
Some important index will be:

  • moisture of the solids (1 – dry solids / total)
  • TSS (total suspended solids) in water result

Then if we can figure out what equipment is using before centrifuge, and how is the performance, then we will find out if we need use the centrifuge continuously or not, which is important for definning the capacity.

A separate skid is a very flexible choice for HDD projects, as normally it is not in the system, not with the rig package, so far it is a customize solution. And with a flexible frame, will be easier to arrange the solids / liquid discharge.

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