Hongkong, like Singapore, is small place with huge business potential, not only as a transport center, or a bridge for mixing the different culture to the world. While always some first taste of new. As the connection from long history, and the developing of China. More and more Chinese brand are recognised by clients in these places.
Befor this project, another TBM project, and also some HDD project for the airport, clients choose GN products to do the separation job. This time again, a TBM project, a whole mud plant for TBM mud recycling. with equipment below:
1. GN’s proposal is 3 unit shale shakers with treating capacity of 500 GPM, or even larger. The largest advantage of GN shale shaker is simple structure for easy operation and maintenance. Hollow type rubber for sealing between the screen panel and shaker deck ensures the cleanness of the mud.

1500GPM Mud Recycling System
2. After treated by the mud cleaner, most of the useless solids larger than 20 microns would be removed out.

3. Client could optionally choose the decanter centrifugeunit with dewatering container and equip into the mud recycling system to separate the ultra fine solids in the drilling fluids. GN have designed a big bowl centrifuge specially for the tunneling projects. By using the centrifuge unit, the driller could recover more drilling fluids.

GN Mud Recycling System

Let us know your requirement, GN can also customized a solution for your operation site.


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