solids control system

Drilling fluids are used to aid the process of drilling
boreholes into the earth in geotechnical engineering, usually while drilling
oil and natural gas wells, drilling simpler boreholes such as water well, and
also doing some construction projects such as bored piling and tunneling.
Liquid drilling fluids is also known as drilling mud, and usually divided into
three main categories: water based mud( abbreviated as WBM), oil based
mud(shortened as OBM), and synthetic based mud(SBM). And also there has been a
new kind of drilling fluid which is called gaseous drilling fluid. The majority
of WBM is a mixer of water, clays(mostly commonly is bentonite) and other
chemicals which is homogeneous. To the contrary, the base of OBM is petroleum
product such as  diesel fuel.

 Drilling fluids can cool, lubricate and
clean the drilling bit. If not, the drilling bit will fail rapidly. Drilling
fluids can remove the cutting from well, and suspend and release the cuttings.
Drilling fluids can control the well formation pressure and maintain the
stability of well holes. Drilling fluids can seal the permeable formation and
minimizing the damage to formation.

 It is very expensive to composite drilling
fluids, so solids control systems are used to remove the solids contented
in the drilling fluids coming out from well and collect clean liquids for recycling usage. In
a complete set of solids control system, shale shaker is the first stage
machine to remove coarse solids from the drilling fluids which usually are over
100 microns; and then cyclones are the second and third treating machine to separate
solids over 25 microns out, and then decanter centrifuge is the final stage
machine for fine solids removal usually between 2 to 7 microns. When finishing
the solids removal process, the liquids will be clean enough to be reused. And
if needed, some chemical will be added.

1000HP drilling rig will require solids control equipment for drilling mud recycling and storage. GN just finished one set to Poland end of last month.

Before design a set of solids control system, you need confirm bellowing questions:

  1. Mud flow requirement. This need confirm to choose shale shaker and desander desilter
  2. If vacuum degasser required
  3. How many set of decanter centrifuge require
  4. High speed decanter centrifuge or middle speed or both?
  5. Mud tank holding capacity needed
  6. Mud tank dimention limit and requirement
  7. Mud tank compartment required
  8. Jobsite layout and jard limit to design mud tank layout
  9. Mud suction line size and outlet position to suilt mud pump
  10. If need tank roof or not
  11. Other special request

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Oilfeild drilling contains drilling rig, mud pump, solids control system and  others equipments. Oilfeild solids control equipment is mainly for recycling drilling mud and mix new mud for re-use.

Main Equipments For Oilfeild Solids Control

  1. Poor boy degasser to separate gas
  2. Shale shaker for screen separation
  3. Mud cleaner
  4. Centrifugal pump for mud transfer
  5. Decanter centrifuge to separate fine solids
  6. Mud agitator for agitating mud to avoid solids settling down
  7. Mixing hopper to mix new mud for re-use

How To Choose A Good Solids Control Suppier?

  1. Sell history for solids control equipment
  2. Custmer feedback on equipment quality
  3. Techinical support before order will help a lot
  4. After sales service and stock support
  5. Documents support

In oil drilling, their maybe 2 stage centrifuge for solids control slystem. The first centrifuge recovers barite and the second centrifuge dries it’s centrate and recovers valuable fluids.

For 2 stage centrifuge to be efficient, the first centrifuge must make a god separation since most of the solids in it’s centrate will be discarded.The poorer separation, the more barite will be carried over in the second centrifuge. Similarly, the second centrifuge mud operate at the highest possible G force to remove the most solids.